Top 10 Android App Testing Companies in India

Today, mobile technology and smart devices are the main tools of digital revolution. Owing to the exact reason there is plenty of software (apps) in the market now.
Among the two major players, Android for obvious reasons is in plenty and the most prominent.
But is it easy to leverage this situation? to make apps and deploy it and waiting for it be a hit?
Statistics would beg to differ.
Majority of apps are perishing owing to stability issues.
What would be the solution?
Testing! test your software with the help of trusted Android app testing company.
So whom should you trust? There are bazillion companies out there.
Not to worry. Help is here!
Check out these reliable top 10 Android app testing companies In India.

  1. Testbytes

Testbytes is a team of software testers who is admired for producing incredible results in the most comprehensive way to offer user-friendly experience to their customers.
Moreover, they understand their client needs and are constantly careful about their work and manage projects dedicatedly to achieve the objectives within the due date.
Additionally, Testbytes have learned software engineers with the latest and different application development platforms and follow a streamlined technique while operating on any task.
2. GoodWorkLabs
Since the birth of GoodWorkLabs in 2013, the company is renowned for its mobile based services. It is a world’s leading & award-winning mobile app development and game Development Company.
Also, it has a state of the art UX UI design studio which can deliver ascendible, beautiful, and high-quality products and apps globally.
The professionals of this reputed mobile app testing companies have profoundly trained experts on all important mobile platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.
3. Appster
Since 2011, Appster is supporting the development of organization with general approaches.
They are experts in iOS, Android, and Rapid and Agile Development sector.
Across the complete lifecycle of supporting entrepreneurs, Appster works with validations, engineering, ideation, product strategy, growth, and ongoing maintenance.
This named mobile testing company has the ability to change your app thought into a completely practical product with the least issues and insufficiency. Also, it provides its customers with innovative, fresh, and modern mobile app solutions.
4. iMobdev
With the involvement in mobile app testing for 7 years,  iMobDev is one of the reputed mobile app development companies in India, with its headquarter located in Ahmadabad, Gujarat.
The company motivates the professionals to achieve their business goals through the first-grade web design & development and mobile app development services.
Basically, they have the proficiency and the efficiendy to incorporate your application with all the recent features, important to produce more audience and more revenue.
5. Consagous
With experience in Android, iPhone, hybrid, and windows app development and testing of more than 100 applications till date, Consagous has been delivering great mobile application services from more than 10 years to the clients all over the world.
It is located in Indore, MP and has various clients in graphic design, interior designing, and IT departments companies and in the healthcare sector.
Also, they have been rapidly integrating the latest technologies in our development and designing processes and upgrading with the tech world.
6. Sourcebits
Based in Bangalore, this mobile development company was established in 2006. It is a venture of a global group that develops mobile applications on all significant platforms, i.e. like iOS, and Android has more than 200 workers, including engineers, app developers, and QAs.
Basically, they define and refine your mobile features, solve business problems, and put together a long-term product plan.
7. ChromeInfo Technologies
ChromeInfo Technologies is another company in India who delivers and provides the mobile app testing.
Whether the application is for Android or iOS, the company offers quick and stable testing solutions as per the client’s requirements.
It was founded in the year 2010 by Shishir Dubey, CEO of ChromeInfotech. The main purpose of the company is not solely to create applications but also to test an in-depth scenario which meets the client’s requirements.
The company has delivered 100 successful apps to date and quality engineers of the company have made ChromeInfotech what it is today.
8. Tech Mahindra
Tech Mahindra has gained new heights in IT services. It is an Indian multinational provider of Information Technology, Networking Technology Solution and Business Process Outsourcing.
It also serves the role of testing of mobile application such as Android, iOS and Windows. It was founded in 1986 and is one of the leading IT services company in the IT industry.
9. FuGenX Technologies
FuGenX Technologies is the industry leader of mobile, social and cloud computing founded in the year 2008.
It has become one of the leading industries in technology services provider specialized in mobile application development as well as their testing.
Currently, they develop stunning Android and iOS application and run the thorough testing process.
10. CresTech Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.
CresTech Software Systems offers service which includes proper management of product quality, application performance management, test automation and more.
They provide excellent services in mobile app testing whether it is Android or iOS. Also, they provide various testing solutions for software to their clients and customers.

Top 10 Mobile App Testing Companies In India

The mobile app is the heart of digital evolution.In case that an application is not user-friendly, slow; the users don’t wish to utilize it any longer.
Henceforth, they begin searching for better options. So, any mobile application needs to be impeccable to build an organization’s business in the mobile world.
Here along with the mobile app development, testing also plays an imperative part for the app’s successful launch.
So, if you’re searing for mobile app testers, below is the list of best 10 Mobile App Testing Companies in India that have made a mark for the worldwide endeavors and startups.
1. Testbytes
Testbytes is a team of software testers who are enthusiast about their job to provide the best mobile app testing services to its clients. They are Pune, Maharashtra based company with an overseas brach in New York. The company’s testing strategies and processes depend on CMMI, ISO, Agile best testing methods.
They have clients base is from India, USA, UAE, among other nations with 30+ already satisfied clients in its credit. In short, brands from all over the world trust their testing services. The company is admired for producing exceptional results in the most compelling way to offer user-friendly experience to the end users.

Testbytes offer mobile app testing services on platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows. They also specialize in game testing, load testing, automation testing, security testing etc.
Always eager to understand their clients, Testbytes is constantly diligent about their work and manage projects dedicatedly to accomplish the objectives within the due date.
Their software engineers are knowledgeable with the latest and different application development platforms and follow a streamlined technique while operating on any task.
2. FuGenX Technologies
FuGenX Technologies is an ideal case of mobile app testing service. Today it is among the most trusted Mobile App Testing Companies in India. FuGenX won Deloitte Technology Awards in 2012, 2013, and 2016 for its magnificent administrations.
Their name came into lime light after they supported Big Basket build up a world-class grocery application. Byju’s, India’s most well-known e-learning education organization, is another profoundly fruitful client of FuGenX. Apart from these, FuGenX’s worldwide customer base incorporates Vodafone, Panasonic, and Praxair.
FuGenX is headquartered in Bangalore and has workplaces in Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Dallas, and Chantilly.
The organization proficiently performs mobile app testing for Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Windows.
3. Tech Mahindra
Tech Mahindra is one of the Top notch Mobile App Testing Companies in India. Tech Mahindra  was founded in 1986 and currently has above 10,000 employees. The organization has the expertise in test designing, test automation, system testing, and so forth. They likewise give mobile application testing consultancy facility.
They take a shot at a wide range of platforms such as Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Bada.
4. Konstant Infosolutions
Konstant Infosolutions is in the business for more than 15 years now. The company is a group of creative professionals driving the offshore mobile app development.

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They are popular for custom services that are personalized as per different, personal needs of enterprises, startups, SMBs, and innovative brands, across various enterprises
.It has served in transport, travel, eCommerce, education, media, real-estate, social networking, restaurant, gaming, healthcare, events and tickets services.
What makes Konstantinfo a best mobile application testing and development organization in India, as well as the USA, is the reveling encounters the members convey to the customers. It has tested and delivered more than fifty mobile apps so far.
5. ChromeInfo Technologies
ChromeInfo Technologies are a full stack mobile app development company based in Noida, India. The company has the vision to support the enterprises, startups, and agencies in running on mobile. It has severed more than 150 clients around the world on more than 600 projects successfully.
The company’s expertise is based on e-learning, on-demand, healthcare, real estate, entertainment, social networking, sales and much more.The company possesses skills in developing Android and iOS apps.
6. Consagous

Consagous is a mobile application development organization with experience in Android, iPhone, hybrid, and windows app development with the development and testing of more than 100 applications till date.
Consagous gives a full range of mobile solutions from its workplaces in Madhya Pradesh (India), Melbourne (Australia), and Texas (USA).The organization is delivering great mobile application services from more than 10 years to the clients all over the globe.
This Mobile App Testing Companies specialized team of testers in Consagous guarantees a project of any level a smooth delivery and because of this, they can give in-house services all through the mobile application testing and development process, i.e. from idea to configuration to bug testing to ultimate development.
7. Sourcebits
Sourcebits is a mobile app development company based in Bangalore – India, and San Francisco –USA. Established in 2006, it is a venture of Globo Group, which has produced 500+ mobile application development projects with powerful agile app development procedures.
Sourcebit houses more than 200 employees, comprising of devoted app designers, engineers, and QAs. It creates mobile applications on all significant platforms, iOS, and Android.
8. Appster
Appster isn’t any typical kind of mobile application development organization with general approaches, rather it has confidence in providing its clients with innovative, fresh, and modern mobile app solutions.
They are skilled in iOS, Android, and Rapid Agile Development and have tested and developed more than 100 apps till now.
Working under the tech umbrella since 2011, they have executed novel thoughts, supported the old ones and supported the organizations develop.
The team of mobile application development is sufficient to change your application thought into a completely practical product with the least issues and imperfections.
9. iMobdev
iMobdev is another pioneer organization that leads in the development of iPhone and Android apps. With their head office located in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, they have a powerful worldwide customer base spread everywhere throughout the world.
They have around 7 years of involvement in mobile app testing and can render your application with all the recent features, important to produce more clients and more revenue.
This Mobile App Testing Companies group of 100+ experts has effectively finished over 500 ventures around the world.They have made mobile applications for various industries, for example, healthcare services, enterprise, education, real estate, gaming, and numerous others, they have picked up a broad affair.
10. GoodWorkLabs
GoodWorkLabs has been producing exemplary mobile services since its origin. It is the beneficiary of numerous reputed awards and is known for its customer satisfaction standard.
It is perceived as the fifth quickest developing tech organization at the Deloitte fast 50 awards event. Founded in 2013, with its workplaces in Bangalore, Kolkata, and San Francisco, it obliges clients everywhere throughout the world.
They have built up themselves solidly in mobile app development and testing solutions.
The Mobile App Testing Companies professionals are profoundly trained on all significant mobile platforms, including Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows.

They are pro in PHP, NET, Java, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Oracle, MySQL, and a few other technologies that can help you in delivering a stable and powerful app for your company.
You can likewise contact their designers for mobile gaming app service combined with an adaptable and bug-free code.
GoodWorkLabs has helped many new businesses and in addition big Fortune 500 organizations with their mobile app needs.

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5 Unavoidable Aspects For All Android App Testing Services

So, you have developed your brilliant idea into a fantastic app. Now, you are sending it to an android app testing services firm for ensuring your app quality. But for that to happen in the best way, there are a few aspects that are unavoidable. Let’s see what they are.

1: Know your customers

The foremost aspect in building a good brand in the mobile app world is user expectations.

The fact is that mobile users expect much more from mobile devices and mobile apps than from other devices such as the desktop.

Hence, knowing your clients become of paramount importance.

Just collect information of your clients regarding their:

  1. age

  2. gender

  3. monthly income

  4. mobile usage habits

  5. geographical location

These information will help you get usage patterns helping your efforts in mobile testing. Such data allows you to find out the specific devices your audience engage with, allowing you to downsize the number of devices for testing, on account of its usbility to the customers as well.

Special efforts should be taken by way of interviewing customers, conduct market research, etc to collect such data.

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2: Create device groups

The mobile app testers can create mobile device groups aiding to downsize testing efforts.

3: Don’t skimp on standard test methods

As an experienced professional, you might be familiar with the technological meanings and implications of the words like boundary values, different coverage types,equivalence classes, and acceptance criteria. All these also applies to mobile testing as well.

4: Test on various data networks

Testing in various types of data networks also forms as one of the most important aspect while testing mobile apps.

Your app, when connected to the Internet, would encounter different data networks as well.

Performance of your app when connected to fast data network technologies such as 3G, LTE, and even your home or office Wi-Fi would differ from slower networks like EDGE and GPRS for that matter.

You should ensure that as a Mobile app tester, your app works with different network speeds, handling network transitions such as from LTE to EDGE.

app testing

5: Test in different languages

If your mobile app is used in different countries, the app will need to support different languages. In this situation, you should test the app against the various languages it supports.

You should remember that testing the language assumes importance as every language has different sizes and characters.

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You should also test the product against all major hardware features as mobile devices have powerful hardware and sensors interacting with users and their environment such as:

  • Proximity sensors

  • Acceleration sensors

  • Gyroscope sensors

  • Magnetic sensors

  • Ambient light sensors

  • Location sensors

  • Touchless sensors

The mobile app should be tested against different hardware features such as display, camera, storage, microphone, etc of various devices.

You must note that these features will have a huge impact to the mobile app in the context of mobile app taking a picture, processing it, and upload it to a server.

It should also be borne in mind that before submitting a mobile app to an app store, you should test it’s installation and update processes.

Things to Look for While Hiring iPad App Testing Services

The launch of Tablets has declined the sales of PCs and Notebooks for the past couple of years. There is a tight competition between companies providing a variety of devices in the market. Among the competitors, Apple’s iPad remains head and shoulders above the rest.

Many businesses started to publish iPad apps owing to its growing demand. Unfortunately, much of the apps get rejected in the app store because of the stringent policies involved in the Apple App Store Review process.

app testing

Lack of proper testing has led to the failure of apps. Businesses begin to realize the importance of testing services. This has increased the number of ipad app testing services, of late.

Testing services can help you to make your app popular among the iPad users across the globe. It’s the easiest way to find your potential customers. But you should know more about iPad App Testing Services before hiring one.

Here are some things to look for while hiring iPad App Testing Services

  1. Look for their recent works

Portfolio reveals the quality of services offered by a testing company. Go through their portfolio and download some of their apps. Install it on various iPad devices and check its performance.

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If their apps can give you a quality user experience, then they are the best in streamlining iPad apps according to your business needs. If possible, contact some of their clients and ask them whether the testing company is capable of offering quality services.

  1. Effective communication matters

When you work with a testing company, make sure that they keep a flawless contact with you. Effective communication is crucial for the success of joint ventures. Ensure that your testing company replies to your emails and queries within 24 hours. If they fail to do so never hire that company. When it comes to business your commitment is important.

So, work with teams which manage to keep regular communication with you.

  1. Readiness to teach and offer support

As you might know, iPad App Testing is challenging and a bit complex process. It’s important to know about the factors that speed up the approval of your app in the Apple App Store.

Never hesitate to clear your doubts. You should ask the testing company to explain more about Apple App store review guidelines and all. Remember, everyone was a newbie at some point, including popular iOS App Development companies. To know more about Apple store review guidelines, see our blog 5 Factors to Test before Uploading an iPhone App to the App Store

A skillful testing team will suggest their ideas for your app and recommends adjustments if needed. Their team members should find time to explain everything to you related to testing, including complex terminologies and technical details.


So, look for a team which can teach and offer assistance to you any time.

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  1. Ensure they have sufficient workforce

It’s usually seen that testing companies undertake many projects simultaneously without having enough workforce and fail to deliver services on time. Ask your team whether they are working for any other projects currently. Sufficient workforce is vital for committing multiple projects at a time. Ensure they have the time to focus on your project.

So, hire a team with sufficient workforce and commitment.

  1. Check whether they have an innovative approach

A proficient testing company maintains a business analyst in their team. He will analyze the current trends in the iPad App market and discuss the scope of your app with the team members. Check whether their team members are able to understand your business needs.

You can do this by conversing with the testers and programmers in their team. Ask them if they are able to improvise the design to offer a top class user experience.

So, hire the iPad App Testing services possessing an innovative approach.

Working with the right professionals in the industry will speed up your business growth. Consider these 5 things when you hire testing services and give a professional touch to everything you do!

10 Best Android App Testing Framework

As you might know, there is a remarkable increase in the number of Android App Testing Services in recent years. The increase of Smartphone users is one of the reasons for this. As users need quality apps, publishers have to rely on testing services to meet their business goals.

app testing

Testing services use numerous frameworks to offer error free apps. We are going to introduce 10 Best Android App Testing frameworks for testing services.

Let’s have a look

  1. Mobile Testing Framework

Mobile Testing Framework is popularly known as MTF. It’s a brilliant framework for Android App Testing Services. You can use this tool to automate GUI tests for iPad/iPhone and android apps. Since this tool is much like the automation tool Sikuli you can interact with the user interface more easily. The python scripts and screenshots enable you to do so.  

  1. Appium

Android App Testing from any language and any test framework is possible with this open source framework. Complete access to back – end APIs from test code is a striking feature of this tool. As it‘s compatible with both Android and iOS apps, you can write tests with PHP, Objective- C, Java, Ruby, Python, etc.

  1. Calabash

Calabash is an amazing tool which helps you to write and execute reception tests of android apps. As it is a cross – platform you can use it for testing both iPhone and android apps. Popular testing company, Xamarin is developing it and provides technical assistance as well. Pre – defined libraries of this tool facilitates smooth response of test- code with local and hybrid apps. This interaction process may include numerous end- user actions.  

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  1. Titanium Jasmine

Jasmine core framework is the striking feature of Titanium – Jasmine framework. As it provides Pivotal’s Jasmine as the core testing framework, you can easily test your apps using this tool. You can run Jasmine tests on your android phone owing to Jasmine – Titanium mobile collaboration. Precise testing of android apps is possible because of the simple testing framework of this tool.

  1. Switchboard

Error free A/B testing of your android app is possible with this tool. This A/B testing framework helps you to accommodate a lot of mobile users with minimal servers.  Switchboard divides your users without fail. As user division is based on UUID, you will experience uninterrupted testing across sessions.

  1. Frank

A dominant” app inspector”, commonly known as Symbiote is a smart feature of the Frank tool. You can utilize this tool to know about the current status of your running app. With Frank, you can do acceptance test / structured test as per your requirement and execute them against your android app. Cucumber tool enables you to do so.

  1. Flip Test

As Flip Test permits you to do A/B tests on android apps, you don’t have to re-submit your app in the App Stores. You just need to add a single line of code to your android app .So, Flip Test enables even inexperienced developers to develop and monitor A/B tests. With Flip tool, coding is not essential.

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  1. Catjs

Catjs is a brilliant framework for Android App Testing Services.  As this tool enables the applications test themselves, your testing will become easier. No other framework is offering such an innovative technology. The testing process includes several automated functional tests. Annotations will be added to your HTML5 code on each phase of functional testing.

  1. Imagrium

Cross – platform testing of android app can be done easily with Imagrium tool.  In fact, Imagrium is a Jython framework, which helps you to do testing of android apps based on image recognition method. You can use this tool only if you agree to MIT license terms.

  1.   YSO Mobile Security Framework

YSO Mobile Security Framework is an amazing full suite open source app testing tool. To be precise, this is an automated pen- testing framework. Testing companies can utilize this tool for static and dynamic analysis of android apps.

Usually testers have to use several tools for performing pen testing and it needs strenuous effort and time. But this intelligent tool makes pen testing easier and saves your time as well. You can make use of this framework for the quick and proficient analysis of android app source code.

 So, keep in mind all these 10 Android App Testing frameworks for publishing effective and bug free apps

Why You Should Hire Specialist iPad App Testing Services

As everyone knows, it’s much easier to find and collaborate with iPad App Testing Services. But question is why you should hire expert iPad App Testing Services? How it helps businesses to increase their ROI?

A testing company can help you to make your iPad app popular among iPad users across the world.  To be precise, it’s another way to find opportunities to attract potential customers.  Obviously, it’s not going to happen without understanding the product and platform type.

For example, an exciting iOS app packed with fun might get viral on Social Media.  Unfortunately, an iOS or iPad app of a business organization has no element to go viral on social media.  There are many aspects that determine the popularity of an app. Some of those aspects are online advertising, influence of social media, reviews and reach, etc.

Online advertising via platforms such as Facebook, AdWords, etc will help any app become popular. Huge followers in popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn make people closer to your product. Reviews also play a vital role to drive more downloads.

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Usually, businesses and startups hire iPad App Testing Services to get done their app development ventures professionally.

Here are 5 benefits of hiring specialist iPad App Testing Services

  1. Professional Approach

Professional approach to every aspect is the striking feature of a reputed App Testing Company. As iPad App Testing is a complex process professional testing companies use proven methodologies to tackle the challenges of iOS platforms.

You are allowed to talk with the development team during the testing phase. This will give you room to evaluate their efforts during different stages of their work. You could give suggestions in order to meet your business goals.

Popular testing companies know how to create a sound image towards your potential customers because of their innovative methodologies. The end product of these efforts will be a high – quality app for your customers.

  1. Multiple Variants of iPad Devices

Today, a wide range of iPad devices are available in the market. Specifications differ from gadgets to gadgets. Unless you test your app, it shows technical issues on multiple iPad devices.  Testing services know these issues very well as they have experience of dealing with different clients. As the testing team consists of business analysts and experienced professionals, they together devise strategies to convert your app into a winning app.

app testing

  1. Portfolio Reveals the Efficiency

It’s clear that portfolio reveals the quality of services provided by a company. You could go through the portfolio before hiring a testing service. In fact, portfolio says what they are! Reliable companies always maintain an all set portfolio to convince their clients. Always remember, “Where excellence leads, quality follows

  1. Explore More Ideas

 “The company you keep does have an impact and influence on your choices”

The above mentioned quote is true for people from all walks of life. When you are in company with people of high calibre, definitely it will bring a positive impact on your life as well.

Testing companies have experienced professionals and team members of high calibre. If you hire one of such companies you can expect brainstorming sessions with them. Obviously, such healthy discussions make room for exploring more ideas to get things right.

More ideas bring more quality and more quality is going to bring you a profitable business deal.

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  1. Know about Useful Tools and Utilities

Hiring testing services will help you to know about more professional tools in the industry. You might be using some average tools, but testing professionals are the real players in the game, they know to give your app a universal appeal by using latest tools and utilities.
As the demand for iPad Apps are increasing, it’s time for a good business deal. So, create a winning app by hiring specialist iPad App Testing Services. Good luck guys!

7 Reasons to Hire an iPhone App Testing Service

You might be familiar with iPhone app testing, a common term used to refer various types of testing on iOS devices to ensure the performance of iOS apps. Apps based on iOS has a huge demand in countries such as US, UK, Germany, France, Canada and several European countries.

Many researches reveal that iOS users are interested to use paid iOS apps, when compared to the users of its competitor platforms. People feel iOS as a more engaging and reliable platform.

app testing

Today, businesses are more interested in developing iOS apps owing to the unique features of iOS platform. They envisage a huge market for iPhone apps. The increase in number of iPhone app testing services also guarantees iOS app development as a lucrative market for businesses.

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You might be thinking why it is necessary to hire testing services. Companies are investing huge amount of money to get their iPhone apps tested. Hiring testing services can offer them a lot of benefits.

Here are some reasons why hiring an iPhone app testing service can turn out to be a beneficial deal for businesses.

  1. Viable Communication

A dedicated app testing team ensures that you are always associated with them. They adopt several methods to address your issues and inquiries related to app development. Testing services make sure you are always connected to them via emails and phone calls.

They will tell you frankly about the progress of your undertaking and make suggestions if any change is needed in your strategy.

  1. Expertise

Hiring an experienced iPhone app testing service will have advanced knowledge about planning and actualizing functionalities.

Most of the testing services keep a group of specialists with versatile skills. So, you can trust them to convey their brilliance.

  1. Cost Effective and Time Saving

One of the principal reasons to seek the help of professional testing experts is cost viability. As they have working experience with different clients, their expertise helps you to complete portable application advancement administrations.

Delivering error free apps on time is one of the striking qualities of testing services. So, it is ideal to hire iOS testing services to get quality iPhone apps.

  1. Versatility

A proficient testing service gives you the benefit of versatility. You can make use of their versatile skills to deliver a quality product. Make sure you choose a team where you will have absolute control over the assets and undertaking. This will give you flexibility to scale everything to meet your business needs.

  1. Quality

The testing services might have past experiences of taking challenging ventures related to iPhone app development. Their testing experts outline plans to make use of latest gadgets and innovations.

mobile app

As they are experienced professionals in testing iOS products, they know how to deliver a winning app according to business necessities. This will be an advantage for your business.

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  1. Ambience and Infrastructure

Good environment and infrastructure is crucial for any business to prosper. Such an ambience will bring a favourable outcome on the work delivered. Skilled testing experts might have a past history of working with a variety of professionals, which is the foundation of an IT base. Quality of the apps will improve depending on the proficiency of testing professionals. This will help businesses to deliver iPhone apps to the customers as expected in less time.

  1. Flexibility to Choose Business Models

Reputed iOS app testing services are capable of providing flexible and customized business in tune to your requirements. Usually testing services are a combo of business analysts, developers and testing experts. They work as a team and discuss the ways to implement the right business strategy for your app. This will help you to choose the right business model for your iPhone apps.

We hope you are convinced to choose an iPhone testing service for your business growth. So, start your venture with a professional testing service.

How will the Mobile Application Testing Service Market Fare in the Next 10 Years? [2016-2026]

Business analysts have no doubt that Mobile Application Testing Services is going to excel in future markets. It is anticipated that revenue via mobile app testing tools would show a remarkable increase within a stipulated period (2016-2026). The demand of global mobile application testing solutions market is increasing because of the popularity of app testing tools.

In fact, Corporates need to stay ahead in the market. So, they are trying to protect and maintain their mobile app portfolio. This has actually led to the market expansion of mobile app testing solutions.

mobile app

Many applications similar to desktop applications are now available as mobile apps. They are also more user friendly when compared to its counterpart. The introduction of a large variety of gadgets and networks is one of the reasons for the growing adoption of mobile applications. Wide demand for mobile apps gives room for marketers to successfully enter into a narrower section of the market.

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Huge competition in the market and the increase of app developers has forced marketers to ensure the quality of their apps by performing Mobile Application Testing. Software testing services have improved their testing methods owing to this huge competition.

One can never say that mobile application testing solutions market is a new form of the conventional software testing market. It’s completely different and came up as an independent entity. The entry of testing tycoons such as Soasta and Experitest into the mobile application testing solution market is a promising move. As they introduce advanced testing solutions and new models, it is anticipated that the testing solutions market attain incredible growth during the period, 2016-2026.

Today, IT is giving exceptional importance to mobile app testing and development. Numerous mobile gadgets and tablets are getting introduced into the market day by day. So, it is difficult for app developers to adapt to the quick changes in the market. IT companies offer them the right testing platform to cope with the latest changes in the market.

Drivers of App Testing Solutions Market

It is good to maintain a competitive edge in the market. High competition in the market has persuaded many Corporates to invest in mobile app testing related solutions. Growing customization in testing tools is also giving many benefits to mobile application testing solutions. In addition, the growing demand for automated testing has fuelled the app testing market.

Business experts are expecting that the market will see exceptional changes owing to partnership between leading industry members.

App Testing Market: Some Facts on Segmentation

App testing solution market is generally divided in two. Segmentation is based on product type and service type.

Product type segmentation is of two types:

  • Manual Testing Tools
  • Automated Testing Tools

Service type market segmentation is of the following types:

  • Development and implementation
  • Consulting
  • Support and Maintenance

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Region – wise Outlook on Mobile App Testing Solution Market

Global app testing market is expecting a remarkable growth during the next ten years (2016-2026). It is predicted that North America remains unchanged as a successful market for mobile app testing solutions. It is believed that as North America has many skilled coders and app developing professionals, they can contribute to this productive industry during the period, 2016-2026.


As per a recent report, there will be over 2 billion Smartphone users in Asia Pacific region by 2020. This will encourage the app testing tools manufacturers to invest more in Asia Pacific region. Though countries such as China, Korea and Taiwan have large user base, it is assumed that Asia Pacific region will become a leading hub for mobile app testing solutions in the next ten years.

3 Key Fears of Software Testing Professionals

Fears and phobia are very common among humans. It could be something very common as the fear of animals and creatures or things bizarre like the fear of socializing and death. The same is applicable for any profession. Each profession comes with its own set of fears and insecurities.

app testing

A common one across all professions is the fear of being fired from your job! It could happen with anybody at any point. Another one is that of someone overtaking you or outshining you in your job.

As for software testing services, there are similar situations every tester faces. There are even severe cases where software testers have been kept awake all night due to their inbuilt fears. Here are a few of the common fears every software testing professional faces:

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Outsourcing – In today’s world, it is possible to work from any place on Earth. In fact, working remotely is not just possible, but it is very common. That is why we have so many freelancers around. As such, outsourcing is a really feasible option for the companies.

The growing competition between companies to perform better and gain profit is so much that every firm now believes in cost effective methods to get the job done. They prefer minimum resources with minimum effort to get a large outcome. The return on investment or ROI is a major concern.

With off shore services turning out to be more cost effective, more companies are now considering this option for their testing services rather than maintaining an in house testing team. In such a scenario, job security becomes a major concern for software testers. By outsourcing the software testing services, the companies could easily cut down on their employee count. If the situation worsens, it would turn out to be a nightmare for the testers.

Failing Expectations – Failing to meet up to the expectations is something every professional dreads. This is much more in case you are a new tester. If you are fresh and new to your job and yet to get a hang of things in the corporate world, you may not be able to work as diligently and efficiently in looking out for bugs as your senior might be. One thing to remember here is that you need time to gain experience. In the same way, a fresher in testing needs time to improve the quality of testing.

Even experienced testers seem to face this problem. There are times when they are stuck in a situation unable to find a single bug. When someone else finds the bug, they start blaming themselves for failing. This is a common scenario and one should not let this affect them for a longer period.

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Redundant Bugs – Repetitive situations are tricky. You might get so involved in it that you miss out the finer details and get sucked in to the same familiar things over and over again. Your mind could also straggle unnecessarily. You get bored and lose interest in what you are working on.

Performing redundant tasks makes it monotonous for a tester. As such, critical issues could get missed out. One tends to focus less and wander off from the task at hand. This affects the productivity and efficiency, and could be a problem if it continues. A tester knows this well and fears that this could happen to him.


So, here were the three main fears that are common for every professional in the software testing services. Surely most you could relate to these situations and do understand the feelings well. Find out your deep dark fears as a software tester and fight against them to conquer them.

3 Reasons Android App Testing is Important

App testing is an important step before releasing any product to the Play Store or the App Store. With so much competition between different apps, you need an efficient team for Android app testing services in order to ensure success. For every app, one can find a number of substitutes. So, it is necessary to develop and release good quality products that are unique in their own way.

Android is a very efficient mobile platform.

It is the most popular platform that has been accepted by several mobile device manufacturers as it is open source and easy to use. It has turned on to become the prime source to make sure all your personal and business needs and accomplished successfully. Once you get an Android device, you could make full use of it by installing from the large variety of apps in the Play Store. There are several high quality and user friendly apps to make sure your work is done in a jiffy.

app testing

In order to make an app successful, it is essential to deliver what the user requires. Every user expects a good quality app with no errors or bugs whatsoever. Since they are spoilt for choice, they will surely dump an app and move over to install another if they are not happy. Small bugs, slight errors, and a user experience below expectations could spoil your reputation and user base. This is where Android app testing services come in to the picture. The bugs and errors need to be traced and fixed before apps make their way to the App Store.

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Why go for Android app testing services?

For the success of the App – A lot of effort needs to be put in to develop an app that is near to perfection. As such, it is not desirable that the end product is something buggy or full of errors and unwanted behaviour. As such, thorough testing is required to make sure that the app is working as desired with no issues. The code needs to be written carefully, and also testing needs to be done vigorously to achieve this.

Attract Users – It is a fact that error free apps with a good user experience can attract users easily. People prefer apps with good ratings and reviews on the Play Store. It is the initial nudge that is required. Once the ratings increase, it is automatically recognised in the store. Such apps receive a higher number of downloads and the chances of getting popular increase. This can be ensured with effective Android app testing. Such effective testing procedures help the teams come up with an error free app that could reach the top charts in the Play Store.

Advanced Testing – Manual testing comes with its own set of challenges. As such, testing teams now make use of advanced tools and methods that give you a bug free app. For this, developers need to first prepare a beta version of the app and release it to the testing team. The team performs all the testing procedures and runs the test cases to collect results and pass it on to the development team. Once the developers get the results they could make the necessary changes, if any.


There are a number of advanced tools available these days that make the whole process much simpler and faster. There are tools for releasing beta versions which could help the developers pass on the testing build really fast. The testing team could immediately get to work and get the results. Various testing tools could be used as per the requirements and scope of the app. Such advanced methods make sure that nothing is missed out, and one does not waste any time in the process. The end result is a bug-free app that makes the users happy and generates good revenue for the company.

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Android, being a secure and popular platform, needs to be handled very carefully. You need to create apps that are bug free if you want users to use your app. Otherwise, it may just fail. As such, Android app testing services are not only recommended, but also inevitable for the success of your app. These days, there are several tools available to make it more effective. Use them to your advantage and make your app hit it in the Store.