12 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You about Beta Testing

These days there is a lot of competition in the market. Every business wants to prove that they are the best and have the edge over other businesses. As everybody’s technology and strategies are improving day by day, there is a huge opportunity to learn from the others businesses too. Our biggest learning source comes from our rivals. They can teach us many things which you can easily grasp and improve yourself.

User Acceptance Test (UAT) is a software testing procedure executed in a real-world scenario. UAT has two types, Alpha, and Beta testing. Alpha testing takes place in the company whereas beta testing is field testing. The software is tested in real-world working conditions which takes place at the customer’s site.

12 Things You Can Learn From Your Competitors about Beta Testing

These are the followings practices which can be taught by other competitors about beta testing.

  • The important thing that you can learn from your competitors is how they proceed with the beta testing and how they strategize their every action. They prepared several instructions before proceeding with the beta testing. Proper project planning should be written down and agreed upon by the other fellow mates. The objective of the beta testing and how you’re going to achieve that goal should be clear. After you’ve prepared a proper plan then follow these steps to ensure the simplicity in your work. Also, the quantitative goal and business metrics must be selected in order to make a process smoother.


  • Selecting and recruiting a proper team of a beta tester is also a major role that should be kept in your mind. If you’ve ever looked at the team of other competitors who include professional beta testers, they are able to achieve their work more easily. You can also gather a team of professionals with experience in the beta testing. Their opinions and aspects would be totally different which will provide various working conditions which can be used for the beta testing procedure. Your team for beta testing won’t be of good use if there would be no opinions from the people who are experienced.


  • If you want to improve your structure of software or modifying it, you can learn how the other competitors take feedback from their users. By taking the proper feedback from their users they alter every single of the bugs or error which shows up during the beta testing procedure. You can also improve your software by taking feedbacks from your user when they start using the beta software. Thus if you gather the feedback more quickly, the better your approach would become. Most of the other companies have the habits to take a frequent feedback from their users to ensure everything’s working well. The feedback can be in the form of bugs report, quotes, suggestions or surveys.


  • Learn the major tools which are being used by the other software testing companies and try to understand the concepts of different tools which are used in the beta testing procedure. Thus it would be a great thing to learn from the other top companies and follow their footsteps. Try using different tools and adapt them. You can always learn new methods from the other competitors. Every company has their own methods and ways to proceed with the beta testing at a customer’s Make sure that you learn and improve your beta testing skills by using various tester tools which normally other companies are expert in using.


  • Make sure that you are running every aspect of beta testing. As you’ve already planned the layout on how you’re going to test the product. Other companies use various aspects to ensure their software is working properly before undergoing to the real-world conditions. They run every performance test to ensure that the software is ready for the beta testing procedure. You can learn from them how they perform various tests on their software in the alpha testing procedure. It can be expected that your product will surely perform well in beta testing.


  • Many of your competitors may use beta testing as a marketing strategy. They strategize their market planning and create awareness among the users about the beta software. It helps in creating a buzz among the beta users and creates eagerness among them. Thus you can also use this type of strategy to engage your beta users and create more eagerness among them. This will help in the involvement of a beta user if there is a new version of the beta software which is going to update.


  • If you want to make your application more useful, you need to understand what platforms you are using to test your software. Learn from the other competitors and see which platforms they are using for beta testing of their software. You can learn to release an app which can perform on more than one platform with more than one different ways of performance. This is the best way to make your software more usable by doing tests on different platforms which you can learn from your competitors.


  • You can use the tool which your competitors use to save time by taking the valuable feedback from the beta users. This will help you to take valuable feedback from the user directly to your tool services. You don’t have to ask them over a phone or visit them. This tool will help you to set up a particular email ID which can be used to catch feedback from the users. This tool will automatically convert the user’s feedback into requirement or bugs. This will make things hassle free and simpler.


  • You can learn simple to complex things from your competitors. The simplest thing which your competitors can teach you is the patience and integrity. You don’t have to falter when your QA testified software comes up with a lot of errors and bug while running beta testing. There are many companies which face failures and still come up with a great solution for their services. You can learn from their mistakes and improve your services. Their moral values will also boost your perspective to achieve the target.


  • Your competitors may use quantity of beta testers to test their software in a real You can also get a large number of beta testers who are professional in testing the software under real-work conditions. This will help you to get a plenty of feedback on different aspects of your software. Always look for the quality beta testers and invite them for beta testing.


  • The last thing you can learn from your competitors is how they handle their feedback and bugs reports. How fast they can be to provide the solution to that problem. You can have an effective team of experts which can take this valuable feedback and without wasting any time comes up with a solution and makes your software error Major companies solve their bug issue in just a few times after getting a feedback.


  • Try to Reward your beta testers so that they would always perform well. If your competitors use various methods to encourage their beta tester’s performance, you can also do the same. It will make your beta testers more efficient and effective while doing beta testing of your software.