Why Is Independent Testing Necessary?

Development Team works with the mindset of “how to make this work?”. If the same developer is deployed to test the application then it becomes difficult for developers to detect any defect as they always worked with the thought of “how to make this work?”. A good tester works with the mindset of “how to break this?” and that’s what is required to test the application thoroughly. Owing to this fact, it becomes absolutely necessary for the application to be tested by an independent tester even for minor changes.

Here are 5 major reasons as to why independent testing is necessary and should be mandatory.
Reduced Cost
Quality testing requires automated testing techniques, which involves buying specialized tools. These tools are quite costly and it doesn’t make sense to buy them for a relatively small amount of testing. At times, you will have to test on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc. There will be variations in the hardware too. Testing would happen in a series of highs and lows through the year. Maintaining the infrastructure throughout the year even during the low times is an unnecessary expense.
On the other hand, an independent testing company with focus on testing will definitely invest in quality tools, and it makes perfect sense for them to maintain the infrastructure all through the year. So, it is a convenient solution that reduces your expense.
Shorter Testing Time
In house testing usually happens at the last stages of development. This can be problematic, particularly if the development itself takes a little more time than initially thought. You have to make the most out of available time. For that, readily available testing resources with proper preparation are required. This can easily be availed from an independent testing company, and as a bonus, you might even get services such as our own “Develop by Day, Test at Night”, which makes brilliant use of the difference in time zones. In short, your testing process will be a lot faster and comprehensive than when it is done in house.
Improved Quality
Independent testing companies are fully dedicated to testing products thoroughly. They bring a lot of technical expertise long with them. And, unlike in-house testers, they would be reporting bugs at the right time as it is a matter of reputation for the company. As the client, you would want the product to be as bug-free as possible, and the independent testing company would want to prove their efficiency by reporting more bugs. Also, the company would probably test your product against quality standards set by regulatory bodies, helping your sales process to be smooth.
Experience and Expertise
An independent testing company is a bunch of testers, who would keep up with the latest tools, techniques and trends. This would not be possible if you hire an in-house tester. These people would interact with each other and share ideas. Hence a seemingly undetected problem in-house might be uncovered by an independent testing company within no time. Also, as they are dealing with testing on a regular basis the employees of the testing company will have the know-how to operate on different testing tools.
You don’t need to worry about maintaining a testing team in-house, or when your product testing will be complete. An independent testing company will provide you with deadlines. Your tester might fall sick at the most inconvenient time or might suddenly decide to leave the company. All such issues won’t bother you when outsourcing testing. It provides you the space and convenience to focus on your core area – development.
So, if convinced that outsourcing testing is the way to go, you might want to check out our amazing testing team. We have 1 week FREE TestDrive service that helps you find out how good we are.