Top 7 Test Automation Companies In India

Test automation is one of the most recommended testing processes during which a special software (different from the software being tested) is used to control the execution of tests as well as the comparison of actual outcomes with expected outcomes. This process executes some of the repetitive but essential testing tasks that are already in place or performs additional testing that is difficult to be performed manually.

Test automation is an effective way to improve the development process of a software product. Capable of running fast and frequently, automated tests are cost-effective and have long maintenance life. When these tests are conducted in a lively environment, it is important that these react quickly to ever-changing software systems and requirements. There is also no restriction on adding the new test cases as these can be added in parallel to the software’s development.

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A number of IT and non-IT companies are already engaged in the delivery of this process. But, with the growing demand, there are a number of other companies that are solely engaged in the delivery of test automation and so are referred to as test automation companies. This article shares with you a list of seven such companies from all these sectors:

Here is the best automation testing companies in India

1. Testbytes

Testbytes is a leading software test automation company in India which provides complete testing service, including a unique approach to testing within projects, app life-cycle management consultancy, test automation, testing mobile apps etc. The enviable track record of providing test solutions and services on time has helped them to be one of the leading testing companies in India.

Testbytes mainly focuses to improve productivity and help clients to accelerate software product development or service delivery. As part of this, the company offers top end business consulting, resourcing services and implementation. Comprised with a passionate team, Testbytes is supported by dedicated center of excellence which uses latest testing tools and cutting edge technologies. Coupled with management focus, this company is a formidable combination to guarantee value to you.

2. QA Wolf

QA Wolf simplifies automating web app testing enabling 80% test coverage within four months. They provide an automated end-to-end test suite and give round-the-clock maintenance of tests. The package also provides the advantage of free unlimited parallel test runs, without any additional costs.

Key Features:

1. Unlimited Parallel Test Runs: QA Wolf allows you to run your test suite as often as necessary with no extra cost for the number of runs.
2. 24-Hour Test Maintenance: They handle your entire test suite making sure that flaky tests are managed to prevent false positives and keep pressuring you of shipping.
3. Human-Verified Bug Reports: QA Wolf also looks at the test failure in great detail to make sure it’s a real bug. Your issue tracker receives detailed bug reports that include the steps necessary to re-produce them.
4. No Vendor Lock-In: The main advantage is that it provides no vendor lock-in. You can export your tests whenever necessary.


  • Rapid and Cost-Effective: Reach high test coverage for your web app within no time with QA Wolf’s best solution.
  • Expert QA Engineers: QA engineers from their team are responsible for the development and support of the automated test suite.
  • Unlimited Parallel Test Runs: You can run tests whenever you please without incurring extra charges.
    CI/CD Integration: Smoothly embed QA Wolf into your CI/CD workflows.
  • No Vendor Lock-In: You are not bound to a particular supplier; you can export your tests at any time.


  • No Native Mobile App Testing: Testing for native mobile apps is not supported by QA Wolf at the moment.

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3) Infosys

An Indian multinational company, Infosys Limited is a global leader in offering business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services in different parts of the world.

The test automation services offered by the company to its clients are not at all casual. These are executed to the client’s utmost satisfaction and help them ensure that the products and services delivered in the market surpass the expected quality standard.

Key Features:

1. Simultaneous Testing: It allows concurrent automated and manual testing, resulting in superior results.
2. Optimized for DevOps: Customized for DevOps, it combines progressive test cases with automated executions.
3. ROI Boost: It provides high efficiency and reduces initial costs with pre-made frameworks, optimized workflows, effective Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
4. Thorough Validation: Allows comprehensive analysis and testing of all applications resulting in increased reliability.
5. Efficient Workflow: It allows independent testing by testers, programmers and automation experts.

6. Responsive Customer Support: Offers timely and convenient customer support through emails as well as online contact forms.


  • User-Friendly Interface: The GUI interface allows non-technical users to configure and monitor test cases easily.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with any industry-standard automation services.
  • Speeds Up Work: Employs vigorous SOPs and prefab tools/templates hastens the processes in all stages.


  • Cost Factor for SMEs: For SMEs, it might be rather costly.

4. TCS

TCS stands out as a leading test automation company, offering an Automation-as-a-Service approach, which is a game-changer compared to traditional Software-as-a-Service models. This unique setup accelerates workflow, reducing bottlenecks at all levels. The result? Faster time to market and early detection of bugs and vulnerabilities.
TCS has been a key player in the test automation scene for over 50 years, providing robust services to clients in 50+ countries. They are pioneers in technological advancements, leading in Digital Sciences, Efficient Computing, Sustainable Futures, and more.

Key Features:

1. Technology Adoption: TCS consistently embraces new technologies to empower clients with robust automation testing capabilities.
2. AI and ML Integration: Leveraging advanced AI and ML-based automation processes, TCS enhances testing methods for superior results.
3. Robust AI Engine: Their powerful AI engine generates scripts in any language by interpreting actions and identifying objects.
4. Comprehensive Testing Services: TCS offers a range of services, including bottleneck analysis, code profiling and optimization, on-demand performance testing, and more.


  • AI, ML, and AL Algorithms: TCS employs AI, ML, and Augmented Learning algorithms to enhance product delivery quality.
  • Failure Identification and Self-Healing: Capable of identifying failures and performing self-healing where possible.
  • Diverse Service Portfolio: Offers services in cybersecurity, IoT, consulting, enterprise services, sustainability, and more.


  • Customer Support: Compared to competitors, customer support responsiveness may be less optimal.

4. Accenture

Accenture is a Fortune Global 500 company that deals majorly with global management consulting and professional services. Our unmatched range of services in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations make us capable of delivering transformational outcomes.

The testing team at Accenture assists the client companies to launch some new technology in this fast-paced world. This is owing to the testing team ability to help companies be sure of the product quality delivered by them as well as offer a seamless customer experience.


1. Specialized Testing: Easily performs special, human-driven testing in a variety of technologies.
2. Quality Control: Using a modern AI-driven and analytics approach, makes testing easier and better.
3. Modern Approach: DevOps and intelligent automation are adopted by Accenture in order to combine development testing with streamlined workflows. This forms a never ending activity where all the operations work in parallel.
4. Services Offered: Accenture offers a variety of services, such as data analytics applications service finance consulting AI marketing security automation etc.
5. End-To-End Transformation: Provides strong solutions to enable rapid alignment with contemporary Agile and DevOps practices in application development.


  • Real-Time Monitoring: Data monitoring and testing in real time, which make it easier to detect and correct results
  • Automated Approach: Takes a strong automatic approach, improving testing speeds.
  • Low-Code Automation: Facilitates the low-code automation for businesses with an approachable visual interface.


  • Not Ideal for DevOps Collaboration: It might not be the right pick for smooth collaboration with your DevOps processes.

5. Cigniti

Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, Cigniti Technologies is the world’s foremost company that has stepped into offering independent software testing services. With its test services offered in quality engineering, advisory & transformation, next generation testing, and core testing, the company also focuses on making use of SMART Tools that can speed up testing as well as help improve the quality of services delivered to clients.

Key Features:

1. No-Script Test Automation: It easily generates high-quality test automation that does not require expertise in scripting.
2. AI Advancements: It leverages AI to provide an adaptable framework, facilitating the ongoing change of automation artifacts in test applications.
3. Methodology: Cigniti regularly innovates and uses their own methods to automate manual tests, which can be compatible with your current agile and DevOps environment.
4. Testing Capabilities: Besides automation testing, the company offers other services such as Agile testings Test Data management ERP mappings Functional Performance and more.


  • AI Optimization: Uses a range of alternative AI algorithms, ensuring efficient test suite optimization.
  • Additional Services: Provides additional services such as DevOps Transformation, Security Assurance etc.
  • Custom Automation Strategy: It helps create an intricately planned automation plan matching your enterprise’s goals.


  • Limited Autonomous Management: Lacks autonomy management capacity.

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7. QualityLogic

QualityLogic is an exceptional automation testing service provider that ensures cost optimization, and tests customized to your specific needs. It is a perfect fit for cost-effective testing as it provides personalized guidance on automation strategies and ROI projections.
As a top-tier automation testing firm, QualityLogic can automatically adapt to your current software stack and align with your SDLC and processes. However, it is leading in digital accessibility and avant-garde energy testing services providing flexible arrangements for customization to your development environments.

Key Features:
1. On-Demand Assistance: QualityLogic has an experienced team of developers, testers and specialists using up-to-date technology to solve your problems.
2. Customized Approach: Assessing the scope of your technology, needs and challenges; their team creates an intelligent solution just for you.
3. Efficiency: Enables the development of extremely productive processes, ensuring that costly mistakes are identified at an early stage. It helps in lowering time to market and improving performance with bottleneck optimization.
4. Testing Services: Provides a wide range of testing services, including software testing, intelligent energy solutions, etc


  • Dedicated Support Team: It provides a separate team of support and maintenance for new feature releases.
  • Comprehensive Testing Services: Offers various test services covering web automation testing, mobile app testing and others.
  • Responsive Customer Support: It provides prompt customer care services via email and other modes of communication.


  • Not Ideal for Large Enterprise Projects: Not necessarily suitable for large scale enterprise level projects.

Test automation is not a task that would take a lot of time and energy. It just needs improved concentration and focus of the individual conducting it. If you are a certified professional in test automation, you can look for a career opportunity in any of the above-mentioned firms.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to select the best automation testing companies?

The choice of leading automation testing companies is usually dependent on factors that include industry reputation, client ratings, proficiency in automation technology and capabilities as well their ability to provide quality solutions.

2. Which various software development methodologies these companies work upon?

Many leading automation testing companies are also able to accommodate different approaches like Agile, DevOps, as well as traditional Waterfall methods. They tailor their testing approaches based on the unique requirements and operational dynamics of their customers.

3. Apart from automation testing, what kinds of test services do these companies provide?

Other than automation testing, leading companies offer broad range testing services including performance testing, security testing, mobile app testing, usability testing and specialized work in digital accessibility intelligent test.

4. Are these companies able to customize their automation solutions so that they would suit the needs of individual industries?

Yes, leading automation testing companies usually serve their clients based on individual needs of industry. They study the peculiarities and needs of various industries and customize their automation platforms aimed at quality testing in different business spheres like finances, medicine, online shops etc.

6 Reasons For Automation Testing Failure

 Around 90% of the test automation community doesn’t know test coding, rather just a small percentage of the people know their tool, program and they understand coding as well.

Most of them go for the easy way!
Most hacks occur because individuals can’t afford real options, lack access to appropriate products which exist in a market that just doesn’t recognize their requirements. This similar strategy which is infused in our nature is applied by the test automation engineers.
There are primarily 4 types of automation tester who adapt to simple hacks for performing automation testing:
1. The Now Syndrome Tester: Whose aim is to fix the code now and rest will be tackled later on and that never again arises.
2. The Lazy Tester: These sorts testers have no time to write the codes or to learn new from the projects.
3. The Never-Failing Tester: Whatever arises these testers will make the test pass.
4. The Cod Puzzler: The testers who don’t know what they are writing in the codes.
So, what is the wrong way of coding? When you have utter disregard for anything you do that work monotonously.
You try to find the easiest solution to deliver the result as soon as possible, no matter how you are doing it.
Such kind of attitude is clumsily adopted by someone who is not proficient in the field. This is what people are doing in test automation projects, who know nothing about coding or don’t even want to the learn proper way.
There is a good chance that a failed automated tester will be having the following symptoms:

  • Automation testers do shortcut kind of work i.e. copy &paste.
  • Automation testers are horribly lazy to append more features.
  • Automation testers are not sure to make adjustments in the system.
  • Automation testers are scared to refactor the framework.

Rather than modeling tests every time, writing four lines of code and using test assertion from the test engine, and trying to catch bugs every time, testers believe to do 10 lines of coding.
They give weight to quantity instead of quality. And the good news is many of these code snippets technique is used all around the world, not just in India.
But it’s not something to take pride in because it basically is not the accurate method of testing.
Let’s have a look different types of coding shortcuts/hacks strategies applied by automation testers which categorize them as failed testers.
1. For Loop Method
Almost 38000of lines go through thought work, test runners don’t use test engine, especially in C#.
They start with the for loop for first 10 tests, then read the copied codes from excel and make this a regular procedure that sums up to 25000 tests.
This is the method of for loop with hardcore process calls. And these are really easy to accomplish automation test hacks which might seem unbelievable.
However, it’s a bitter reality of how unlearned testers are performing automation testing these days.
2. Duplicating of Tests
Another instance of such improper automation testing approach is taking one copy of tests as the point the variable changes in another scenario, even operating system changes but copied the content of code is taken in all the environments.
It’s never revealed by testers that the copy of the same test from a previous one is performed instead they tell that is was the same kind of test.
And this is done continuously on different scenarios. Moreover, after a certain time, the test code does not remain the same but it becomes similar since difference always occurs in automation testing–it’s impossible to refactor the code.
Since right testing is an outcome of hard work, not the hack of using “control + C” and “control + V” technique from the excel sheet –this is an extremely bad habit in coding and testing.
Spreadsheet IDE for Keyword-Driven Testing
There are many cases of test automation engineers who have complete codes saved in their excel sheets which they use in their keyword drove testing process.
Hence, in this way keyword driven testing has outlasted its purpose. Why? There are tests that need coding than some other tests require well representation by employing the keyword driven strategy.
But this addiction to copying code from spreadsheet practice has eventually ruined the whole process.
The automation testers are simply reading and copying from their spreadsheets, do string formatting, generate the C# file, organize it at the runtime and run the code!
Such failed testers don’t know how to model, even don’t want to study C# or.Net reflections just take the easy road to test, i.e. copying the codes. And this pathetic hack is run in almost all the keyword driven testing.
4. Researching Approach
Individuals nowadays state they are researching to learn better coding skills, but here too such testers use Google search engine to find the shortcut solutions.
The testers open the links from the first few results of the Google page than they directly apply the same strategy –copying&pasting the codes from these links.

They do not model it; even they don’t notice that these codes already exist in their previous spreadsheets, because such automation testers are not trying to understand the real and accurate intent of testing. Surprisingly, they proudly declare that they write so many codes in a day.
5. Delete Assertion Rule
Further, these types of unprofessional automated testers work on the goal of deleting the assertion.
It’s our duty that in case that the automation testing begins to fail, we need to work on them rather than thinking that company will consider us a bad tester if we show them the failed testing results.
So, to save them from a shame the automated tester deletes the assertion which is a total misunderstanding of performing the test automation properly.
There is nothing wrong if a test fails basically, the goal is not passing the test. But the rule in an unskilled tester’s diary is – comment – run the code – create the report – uncomment it, eventually to pass the test anyhow.
6. Repeat Testing Technique
Then there’s a repeater automation tester. What is this type of tester’s goal?
The person doesn’t want to learn multi-threading so he/she instead of solving any issue will read it only once per test considering there are merely 10 or 12 tests that need to be run, so it’s fine using such technique! Most of the testers are working on this strategy.
So, the same file is read hundreds or thousands of times rather than learning something new.
Consequences of using Coding Hacks in Test Automation.

  • Collections of the plagiarized part
  • Neither an original innovation nor a relevant solution
  • Inefficient, insecure, improperly designed, and also illegal
  • These solutions can never satisfy the customer
  • Violation of IP rights
  • Can fail shortly as should be

Wrapping up…
To be honest, never can an automation testing be performed and achieved in this way. Hence, the test automation is not at all meant for the failed developers, knowing nothing about testing and coding.
app testing
Testing is not for everyone, not just for anybody who doesn’t know to code appropriately. In fact; automation testing is also not for the one who knows a few codes.
This great process needs right aptitudes, understanding of coding languages and eagerness to further learn something to sharpen the testing skills.

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How to Select An Test Automation Services Provider For Your Software

Components like the testing procedure, notoriety are the absolute most critical factors with regards to preferring an automation testing provider. But different components can likewise add to progress. The decision of an Automation Testing Service Provider is the contrast between failure and success for some testing ventures, both technically and financially.

Understanding key prescribed practices can support you to settle on more learning choices and will enable you to select the testing vendor that serves best for your project.

automation testing
Research & Understand Why You Want to Outsource
What could it be that you’re putting effort with this choice? Is this an app that your colleagues or dealers use to ensure that you are really ready to serve your clients? Is it the nature of applications that enable your clients to spend more cash on your products?
You should comprehend the size and consequences of the event before you can successfully determine the most reasonable test automation management supplier.
The vast majority in your position search for outsourcing help with test automation since they relate to at least one of these elements:

  • Low-quality practices aren’t an issue at the present yet will turn into an enormous problem if testing strategies, as usual, isn’t changed.
  • A terrible release that has taken a huge toll on earnings, or prominence.
  • Upgrades are for some time postponed on the grounds that quality can’t be restrained.
  • Your clients are changing to the opposition as your app has numerous bugs underway.

You are certainly not the only one going through such kind of issues. But you’re a way forward in the race since you are doing your own particular research about the best answer for you, as opposed to bouncing into the arms of the first service provider who reveals to you what you need to hear.

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Henceforth, before choosing any testing vendor, it is exceptionally suggested that you play out some research offline and on the internet about a couple of the service providers in your geographic area and additionally across the country. This givesyou the fundamental administrations and have the necessary ability to serve your specific demands.
What To Look For in an Automated Testing Company?
While figuring out who to outsource to, recollect that a decent company will work with you on deciding the necessities of your undertaking, and will have the capability to address those issues in the most proficient and cost-effective way they could. The three fundamental worries that you should address while choosing the best company to work with are:

  • Adaptability: A great outsourcing organization ought to have the capacity to address all elements of your undertaking. It is accurate to say that they would be able to address the greater part of the systems, phases, administrations, and engagement model.
  • Experience level: From how much time period have they been giving this service? What number of ventures or systems do they have involvement with?

app testing
While picking a testing service provider, your shortlisted companies must comprise of a well-settled company with enough experience and time in the business to know how to build a successful functioning relationship.

  • Cost: Obviously, outsourcing testing services are never inexpensive because you get what you pay for. Employing a novice with low prices could wind up costing you both resources and time down the line. Cost is a critical factor yet make an effort not to construct your choice exclusively with respect to that component since you could be disregarding potential project worth.

Does the Service Provider Invest in the Right Testing Tools?
Do you have existing testing tools that you are ordered to utilize? Are you set up for your testing services company to suggest and utilize tools that might be a superior fit for the mobile and web applications that should be tested?
The issue of automated software testing tools is integral to any such commitment. Pick the wrong tool and you are viably assembling numerous future wasteful aspects and disappointments into the venture.
By choosing the tools for automated testing that are best for your necessities you will set the basis for all participants to be more compelling in playing out their part and you will likewise have the potential to lessen costs amid the involvement.
Keep in mind; earlier well-known tools give the best incentives to testing service vendors, though they haven’t kept pace with testing needs of instantly changing digital conditions that are intended to meet exceptionally demanding client norms.
To test advanced web and mobile apps you require load testing and functional testing tools that are formed for this reason and will scale with your improvement needs, without expecting you to blow over the top amounts of resources just to keep their framework alive and a la mode.
Thus, consider their involvement with various testing tools and their capacity to deliver distinctive kinds of testing, both for web and mobile applications. Perfect applicants will be thought pioneers who can examine rising trends in the market, for example, the web of things (IoT), the cloud and that is only the tip of the iceberg.
Do they Possess Good Communication Standards?
One of the principal advantages of having a strong service provider is that they give consistent communication between their partners and the client. Communication has for quite some time been distinguished as a key deterrent in outsourcing, however, service providers can keep up open channels and compelling purposes of contact. Factors, for example, issue determination, growth, and reporting ought to be a piece of a powerful communication standard.
Could their Automation Framework really Catch the Bugs?
So, you have your engagement model, testing tools, and ultimate objectives planned. Presently, by what means will your chosen testing vendor guarantee that the automated regression tests they manufacture really catch the bugs?
The single greatest factor that ends excitement and future financing for test automation is a regression suite that simply pushes through a pack of screens without really testing for bugs. This frequently happens when your test automation service provider depends on a “record and play” method with automation testing, with no respect for suitable automated test plan and model-based testing.
It is of essential significance to test the service provider’s technical aptitude and their potential to merge technical ability with the main prerequisites of utilization excursions of your app environment.
IP Protection and Security
Intellectual property (IP) protection are also a key concern for outsourcing plans. All privately identifiable data IPII ought to be secured. Proficient automation testing service providers have security benchmarks set up with the goal that unapproved access and misuse can be avoided.

These measures incorporate IP protection, employee confidentiality contracts, and nondisclosure agreements. Service providers can “prevent loss or proprietary functionality or the accidental release of information,” which implies that they ought to have the capacity to reestablish every significant service.

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