Top 23 Gaming Glitches of All Times [Full-List with Video]

Gaming glitches are indeed deadly for any game development company. However, glitches have often worked the opposite made the company famous too. But be it any circumstances, users might never enjoy such glitches as it can hinder their gaming experience.
But have you ever wonder which games have pushed the glitch scenario so far that it has become hilarious? if you don’t, read our blog and find out.

1. Skyrim
What’s the point in a man running on horse’s back, while the horse is also running? Sounds weird isn’t it, but that is how it goes in Skyrim. Things get even weird when man’s body spins on the horse’s head.

2. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Sometimes your favorite games can put you in a real muddle, how can your enemy still move and walk after you have cut off his torso apart from his legs and is now without the legs.

3. Assassins Creed Brotherhood
Assassins Creed leaves you all creepy by letting Ezio’s torso disappear and letting you watch only his legs walk.

4. GTA Vice City
What would you call a car traveling on the water – A glitch for sure! GTA shows you some extraordinary and bizarre adventure. The GTA car flips, bounces, and tumbles in the water.

5. Battlefield 3
Things can’t go weirder than watching your partner turn into an enormous worm-like creature. So creepy! Isn’t it? Not only will your partner turn into an ugly creature but will also slither around the battlefield.

6. Super Mario 64
Some glitches make you all perplexed, and same happens while you play Mario and watch him lose his legs and arms and still fly around.

7. Mario Kart
The glitch in Mario Kart is extremely irritating especially when the players don’t know it is a glitch. The endless track in it just keeps going endlessly. The endless track is very irritating and frustrating.

8. Oblivion
One of the creepiest gaming glitches I have ever come across is in the Oblivion where an unknown thing approaches you while you walk in the foggy woods. Can you dare to find out, who?

9. The Last of Us
Even the famous game “The Last of Us” is not free from glitches. The famous Ellie of this game at one point of time is completely disfigured and looks no less than a scarecrow. And even scary and worse is watching Ellie lying still in the air.

10. WCW
In WCW you will witness wrestling moves you would definitely never want to witness again. It certainly creepy to watch your wrestlers stretch out to mid-air – But the question is how can a human body stretch out so much? Are they made up of elastic?

11. Minecraft
If you dare to travel beyond the game’s boundaries to the ‘infinite map’ you will encounter some very strange land including the floating land. Sounds weird, but it is even weirder to experience. If you continue even further you will land up into a deep, black, and inescapable black void. Though the glitch is now resolved you can still find it if you have the old versions of this game.

12. Fallout: New Vegas
Enter the New Vegas‘ and in the very first scene encounter the crooked head glitch. As soon as the game begins you will face Doc Mitchell whose head will start to spin rapidly without any warning and without and biology, physics or chemistry involved in it.

13. Xenogears
In Xenogears, while you are fighting Deus, he would blast-off his powerful attack that would freeze your game. But, you might encounter it if you play Xenogears on PlayStation 2, and not with original PlayStation. You can also avoid it by killing Deus even before he could launch his bizarre attack.

14. Banjo-Kazooie
Collecting Jiggys is one of your main aims when you play this game. But, what if the Jiggys doesn’t count towards your collection. That is what happened in Banjo-Kazooie: Clanker’s Cavern. The glitch left the players all irritated and annoyed. The only way to avoid this was to restart the game and to collect the Jiggys in another order.

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15. Viewtiful Joe 2
One of the biggest gaming glitches of all times happened back in 2004 when the CD of demo of Viewtiful Joe 2 was released. Though the demo CDs do no harm are not connected to any glitch, but this CD had a major glitch as it deleted all the gaming files stored in the player’s memory card.
The only way to avoid the glitch was to remove the memory card before inserting the CD into your Play station 2.

16. Trinity
Another huge glitch rocked the gaming society when back in 2007; the players had to witness their operating systems going corrupt while loading Trinity.

17. Assassin’s Creed: Unity
Some gaming series was famous for the surfeit of bugs found in them; and Assassin’s Creed: Unity was one among them. The game was not able to extract character models properly, leaving them without faces. The non-player characters collapsed into each other giving them an appearance of crotch brutes. The lists still continue with you finding yourself stuck in the air or fall into an endless dungeon while you leap and so on.

18. Half-life
To add to the list of some more creepy glitches, here we have a glitch from the famous Half-Life game. How would you react if a person changes his face while still talking to you? Scary! Isn’t it?  The same happens in Half-Life when scientist’s face while he continues to talk.

19. Super Smash Bros
While you are in a mission to rescue the princess, you get locked in a power struggle. Not only this your screen also gets slow and the princess turns into a creepy creature.

20. Final Fantasy VI
Even the final fantasy series was not immune to bugs. In Final Fantasy VI, the main character Relm had a special power to sketch his enemy in order to use its power against it. But this special power turned against the game as whenever Relm tried to sketch some very difficult sketches, your game was at stake. It led to the freezing of the game or led to some graphical distortions, even it led to replicating arbitrary items in your account, crashing up the game.

21. The Sims 3
The Sims 3 had a glitch that spread online. The game gave birth to a corrupted file that attached itself to the shared item like clothing, houses and other objects. Whenever a person shared any of these objects with fellow players the corrupted file was also shared. The file was in the form of a doll, and this innocent looking doll slowed down or crashed the player’s game.

22. A pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor
Another big bug that disappointed the gaming community was found in Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor. The game was a little upsetting for the players, but the bigger shock came to them when they tried to uninstall the game. The uninstalling the game resulted in deleting some of the important files, thus corrupting their operating system.

23. WWE 13
Things turn completely when a game like WWE 13 gives you some moments to laugh. The bug in the game leads to face deformation of your favorite WWE stars. The deformation takes you to a completely different zone, forgetting the fight and laughing your heart out.

These bugs had an adverse effect on the image of these games. With efficient testing, you can definitely diminish these gaming glitches and bugs assuring a joyful experience for your customers