Issues with Women Safety Apps! How to Rectify Them?

Women safety Apps! A life-saving piece of technology women can get hold of at this juncture of time. These apps can offer an invisible guard and can be the best and safest tool available against the crooked minds out there in society. However, if we get into the technicalities, are they perfect in terms of functionalities that they vouch for? Does this app offer a hassle-free user experience as it is supposed to be?

Avoid the unthinkable! Do proper QA (Quality Analysis)

In the case of safety apps, quality has of utmost important than any other. Proper testing has to be done to make sure that these apps do not have any kind of flaws. Since people rely on this app for safety, it’s the trust that has to be valued more than anything else.

A proper quality check is a must. However, nowadays app development is often focused on deployment rather than what’s getting deployed.

Let’s have a look at the major app that’s being used by women for safety and what all issues they have.

The Technology that Empowers Women’s Safety App

1. GPS Tracking: These apps rely on GPS technology to locate a user at any time and remain accurate in terms of giving their location, which improves emergency situations by sending help as soon as they track the victims.

2. SOS Alerts: By only tapping a side button, the user is capable of sending sos alerts to chosen contacts or emergency service providers whereby their exact location could be mapped.

3. Safe Routes: Certain apps offer safe paths referring users to avoid hazardous neighborhoods and get them to the desired destination with ease.

4. Community Features: Several apps build a sense of togetherness, allowing users to share their experiences with other people and ask for help or issue solicitations instantly while maintaining emotional support.

Benefits of Women’s Safety Apps:

1. Better Safety: These apps also provide instant support and time-tracking, which makes personal safety much better.

2. Empowerment: Women can move comfortably and remain independent through the use of these apps, which has positive self-perception effects on them.

3. Community Help: These applications create a supportive environment through which women can get emotional support and quick assistance when needed.

4. Data Insights: The women safety apps can provide help to the authorities in collecting data related to the women safety issues and about areas where frequent women crimes take place which might contribute to a safe town planning and in taking relevant security measures.

Apps Download Rating
Women Safety 100,000+ 4.1
CitizenCop 100,000+ 3.9
Family Locator 50,000,000+ 4.5
Eyewatch SOS for Women 10,000+ 4.2
My SafetyPin 50,000+ 3.9
Raksha 5,000+ 4.4
beSafe 100,000+ 3.8
Himmat Plus 500,000+ 3.8
Chilla 50,000+ 4.5
MSMR 5,000+ 4.3
Rescuer 10,000+ 4.4

1. Women Safety
Promising features! However, if you go through the user review section you can find people reporting many major issues that should be rectified ASAP.
Installation: 100,000+
Rating: 4.1
Major issues of the app as per user reviews

  • Advertisement keeps popping up which is annoying to a lot of users
  • Sometimes more than a message will be required to make sure that the person on the other end has received the message
  • They used to have text message options but it seems that suspending that feature has made users a bit furious
  • Even though many have said that audio and video recording related feature of the app is working well, an equal amount of people have also said that the functionality is not working.

2. Citizen Cop
The most astounding feature of Citizen Cop is that it can also be used as a tool to report a crime that happens in your vicinity. The major flaw of this app is that it fails in providing major high UX as the functionalities of this app as it was supposed to be.
Installation: 100,000+
Rating: 3.9
Major issues of the app as per user reviews

  • Location-related issues
  • Too much of access permissions
  • Issues with notification
  • Icons visibility

3. Family Locator
App meant for family members so that they can track each other in case of any situation. All the apps installed in the circle will be in sync. Messages can be sent in between as an extra safety measure.
GPS related functionalities are the core aspect of this app. However, users have reported faults in that and it serves as the critical factor that serves as a blockage for the success of the app.
Installs: 10,000+
Rating – 4
Major Issues of the app as per user reviews

  • Tracking issues! as people have reported multiple times that they are not able to track the person they have added to the app
  • Login issues, like the app, get stuck while login in for few users
  • Notification issues as many have complained that the notifications are either not coming up or coming frequently which causes a disturbance.
  • Low performance of app at peak time

4. Eyewatch SOS for Women
Harassment in public places has become a menace now. To stop this you need to get hold of technology and have to use it effectively. With Eyewatch SOS for Women, it will be possible with ease.
Even though the core functionalities of this app do not have any issues, users have reported other crucial aspects are faulty and cited as the major reason why they are not able to use the app properly
Installs: 10,000 +
Rating: 4.2
Major Issues of the app as per user reviews

  • SMS module malfunction
  • Icon issues
  • Power consumption issues
  • Issues in sending OTP

5. My SafetyPin
My SafetyPin will allow you to move to zones that are safe based on various factors. A concept that’s one of a kind, formulated to an app that can help women travel without any fear.
Usability is the weakest point of this app. Social media integration has also some issues as per the user reports.
Installs: 50,000+
Rating: 3.9
Major Issues of the app as per user reviews

  • Usability issues where people find it experiencing the full potential of the app
  • People complaining problems regarding deleting the profile
  • Social media integration issues
  • Location-related issues

6. Raksha
A perfect companion of ever come across any sudden danger in your life. Ready to use ‘Are you in Trouble’ to notify all the emergency contacts in your phone.
Performance testing is a must for apps. If you search in the user reviews section, you will get to know why
Installs: 10,000 +
Rating: 4.4
Major Issues of the app as per user reviews

  • Messages not getting delivered to emergency numbers
  • Performance issues
  • Not working as it was intended to

7. bSafe
One of the most versatile apps out there! It has all that a user is looking for in a safety app. creating an account is a must for apps since it helps in collecting user data and from the user perspective, it gives a feel of personalization and safety. What if that has a problem?
Installs: 500,000+
Rating: 3.8
Major Issues of the app as per user reviews

  • Trouble in creating account
  • Unavailability of email registration
  • Misleading information regarding the subscription

8. Himmat Plus
Renowned for its user-friendly interface, the app Himmat can help you in assuring safety through many features it has.
A clear case of why interrupt testing, touch response testing, and performance testing is required.
Installs: 50,000+
Rating: 4.5
Major Issues of the app as per user reviews

  • Login issues
  • Unable to function in the background
  • Touch calibration issues
  • Few users have reported that the app crashes in between

9. Chilla  
A powerful app with powerful features that are studded with some unique features that’s its competitors fails to put forward. Providing impeccable user experience is the key to the survival of any app. Any issues with that can result in a stagnant download rate.
Installs: 10,000 +
Rating: 4.2
Major Issues of the app as per user reviews

  • Issues with tracking location
  • Login issues
  • App not working properly
  • UX issues
  • Download issues

10. MSMR
Are you in doubt about the person you are going out with? Share your location related details along with video and audio live streaming through this app.
Functionalities should always work properly be it any kind of app. These functionalities and the background activities of the app should not drain the battery either. However, users reported that this app has some issues in maintaining that.
Major Issues of the app as per user reviews

  • Interferes with the functionality of other apps
  • Unavailability of content
  • Lock screen information visibility is sometimes affected
  • Addition of personal information is sometimes frustrating
  • Battery consumption issues

11. Rescuer
Do you find it frightening to go out in the dark? The rescuer can be the companion that you have been looking for. With just one tap of a button, this app can send alert messages along with location to saved numbers and can be that assistance to get out of the fear.
Another case of performance and crash issues. one of the most common and deadly issues with anyapp.
Installs: 5000+
Rating: 4.4
Major Issues of the app as per user reviews

  • Not working properly
  • Login issues
  • Performance issues

Major issues faced by users at present

  • SOS functionality must be the forte of these kinds of apps, but in some cases, even that’s not working properly
  • Recording of audio and video has prime importance in reporting a crime. Many in the review section has reported that often some of these apps fail in that aspect
  • Validation field issues which are a major concern to the security of the app itself
  • Compatibility issues
  • Page layout issues that surface owing to various screen size and resolution
  • App crash owing to various factors
  • Not able to provide UX (user experience) as it was intended to in the planning stage

The Consequences of App Failure

If safety apps for women don’t work well, it can cause serious problems:

1. Personal Safety at Risk: If a safety app fails to work, in case of emergencies, it might take several hours before help is sent, endangering the lives of women.
2. Lost Trust: Possible victims of failures in safety apps can lose trust and confidence on these technology advancements.
3. Legal Trouble: Developers of apps may be dealt with legal repercussions if their apps do not administer what they pledged.
4. Emotional Stress: A safety application that breaks down on the consideration that editions with an emergency can prompt private agony making discloses about why it is fundamental for apps to be solid.

Why testing is important in the present scenario?

  • More than 50% of users are not even willing trying an app ever again if they have come across any kind of difficulties in using it.
  • 92% of the web apps that’s in existence now is said to have some kind of security flaws.
  • 66% of app development companies have already experienced some sort of attack.
  • Another statistics says that around 3 billion smartphones will be online by 2020. Imagine that you are about to compete or competing in a market that’s flooding with companies who are trying to compete with each other in offering better UX (user experience.

As an app development company, how do you get that upper hand?
A stable product! The obvious answer indeed, however, the process of making a stable app is arduous, you need to run your app through various user-based scenarios at every crucial point of development.
The three points mentioned blow has to be kept in mind throughout from production to deployment.

  • Target should be left for release stability and everyone should track issues based on the same goal
  • When it comes to prioritization errors with major impact should be given prime importance
  • These above-mentioned points will make sure that bugs are tracked fast and issues can be resolved at the earliest.

Strategies that have to be followed while testing an app

  • When it comes to priority, strictly consider those devices which have got a major presence in the market
  • Real devices and emulators have their benefits and drawback choose them wisely
  • QA team and business users should review test cases
  • Make sure that extensive UI testing has taken place
  • Have a clear idea about the Oss
  • Couple manual testing along with automation testing for effectiveness
  • Rely on cloud testing for fast process
  • Run compliance and regulatory tests to geographical variances.
  • Document UAT (user acceptance testing)

Types of testing have to be performed on mobile apps at any cost

  • Usability testing: Will check the user experience offered by the app
  • Compatibility testing:   Testing of the app against various platforms
  • Interface testing: To check the ease of access factor of the user interface
  • Performance testing: Will give you an idea of how the system holds against various load conditions
  • Operational testing: back up plans if the app goes down will be tested
  • Security testing: Will check the vulnerability of the app

Few test cases for testing a women safety app

1. User Registration:
Test that user registration works correctly, capturing necessary information without errors.
Verify that unique usernames are enforced to prevent duplicates.

2. Emergency Button:
Test the emergency button to ensure it triggers an alert promptly.
Confirm that the alert contains accurate user location information.

3. Location Services:
Verify that the app accurately tracks and updates the user’s location in real-time.
Test the app’s behavior when location services are disabled.

4. Contact Integration:
Test adding and removing emergency contacts to ensure proper functionality.
Confirm that alerts are sent to the correct emergency contacts.

5. In-App Chat:
Verify that the in-app chat feature allows communication with emergency contacts.
Test if messages are delivered promptly and reliably.

6. Voice Commands:
Test the voice command feature to trigger emergency alerts.
Confirm that the app accurately interprets and acts on voice commands.

7. Battery Usage:
Test the app’s impact on battery life during regular use and in emergency situations.
Verify that the app optimally uses device resources.

8. Customization Options:
Confirm that users can customize settings such as alert messages and notification preferences.
Test if changes to customization settings are applied successfully.

9. Offline Mode:
Verify that the app provides basic functionality even when offline.
Test if emergency alerts are queued and sent when the device regains connectivity.

10. App Accessibility:
Test the app’s accessibility features for users with visual or auditory impairments.
Verify compatibility with screen readers and other assistive technologies.

11. SOS History:
Confirm that the app maintains a history of triggered emergency alerts.
Test the retrieval and display of past SOS incidents.

12. App Permissions:
Verify that the app requests and handles necessary permissions appropriately.
Test the behavior of the app when denied necessary permissions.

13. Response Time:
Test the app’s response time to emergency situations, ensuring it’s within acceptable limits.
Evaluate the server’s response time to handle incoming alerts.

14. Compatibility Across Devices:
Test the app on various devices and screen sizes to ensure a consistent user experience.
Verify compatibility with different Android versions.

15. Integration with Emergency Services:
Confirm that the app successfully communicates with local emergency services.
Test the accuracy of location information provided to emergency services.

16. User Authentication:
Test the security of user authentication mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access.
Verify that password recovery options work securely.

17. App Reliability:
Test the app’s stability by simulating various scenarios, such as low memory or high network latency.
Verify that the app doesn’t crash under normal usage conditions.

18. Data Encryption:
Test the encryption of sensitive user data to ensure it’s secure during transmission and storage.
Verify that encryption protocols adhere to industry standards.

19. Social Media Integration:
Test the integration with social media platforms for sharing emergency alerts.
Confirm that sharing functionalities work seamlessly.

20. User Education:
Evaluate the effectiveness of user tutorials and help documentation.
Test if users can easily understand and utilize the app’s features through provided resources.


All these apps have promising features. But when it comes to offering them they have a lot of issues. Imagine there is an issue faced by a user while using the app in a dangerous situation.
The thought itself is frightening to the core. To make sure that there doesn’t happen, stringent QA is required. For that seeking assistance from an experienced QA company would be the best and the safest option available and in existence now.