Top 13 Resources to Learn Selenium Automation

When QA engineers started with the selenium testing journey, they really had a tough time finding out good resources to help them in improving their skills.
The resources then were mediocre once and a very few that could actually help. So with so much of activities happening over the internet, we thought of finding some good selenium resources to help you get started.
Below is a list of top 13 selenium automation resources that will prove helpful to you throughout your learning journey.

1. Selenium 2 WebDriver Basics With Java
Selenium WebDriver is the web automation tool that has the market and its expertise sought after. When you master utilizing the Selenium WebDriver tool, you can make sure of expanding your capacity to compose those awesome automation codes.
This seminar on the web has some truly astonishing video guides and learning materials that will enable you to find more without anyone else. This Alan Richardson’s course is simply too moving to even think about learning.
2. Clean Coders by Uncle Bob Martin
This ought to be your most loved go-to site for adopting best practices being developed. On the off chance that you seek to wind up a really sparkling mechanization hotshot, you need great information about practices being developed. Clean Coders is likewise accessible as a handbook on different web-based business sites.
All the more imperatively, you will be tested to reassess your expert qualities and your responsibility to your art.

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3. Selenium Guidebook by Dave Haeffner
With the exercises in this book and the elemental Selenium tips, you will be ready to play out a genuinely decent arrangement of automatized acceptance tests against the application over some stretch of time and numerous cycles.
As such, we ask you to purchase the book. It’s somewhat more exorbitant than comparative Selenium books, however it’s substantially more successful.
As a matter of fact, this is a gathering of Dave’s extraordinary assets. You get an e-book, video instructional exercises and cheat sheets.
An online instructional exercise, gives you recordings and class notes with the goal that you can undoubtedly learn Selenium.
All these demo instructional exercises can be a superb learning and practice stage for you. You can likewise structure a test situation number to computerize in the wake of looking at the usefulness given by every exercise.
This instructional exercise can be given an attempt without a doubt!
5. Ultimate QA
This online course is the main instructional exercise on the planet that will show you how to work without any preparation.
It furnishes you with deep-rooted structure advancement aptitudes. Created by Nikolay Advolodkin to make the best QA engineers, Ultimate QA offers a full Selenium WebDriver adapting course.
You can watch video courses on the web, get a rundown of sites for testing automation, read books, e-learning stage, and browse to slides/introductions, online classes, recordings and significantly more.
Toward the end of this online course, you will have a nitty gritty comprehension about selenium web testing.
6. Selenium – Automation Step by Step – Raghav Pal
Before we figure out how to walk and run, we need somebody to hold our hand and help us make the initial couple of strides.
Each course in this online instructional exercise is intended for fledglings who think nothing about the subject. The sections are rearranged and separated into straightforward subject.
You will gain some new useful knowledge from each video instructional exercise, so we think the more you investigate, the more you learn.
7. Selenium Easy
Selenium Easy is available to students by a little group of experts who work in different associations. The primary goal of the online investigation entry is to give a space to learning and down to earth execution.
They give tests and guides to give you an unmistakable image of your needs. You may need to do little work to meet your present prerequisites.
8. Guru 99 Free Selenium Tutorials
Guru 99 Selenium instructional exercises are helpful for people of Selenium from beginning to advanced edge levels.
They bit by bit proceed onward to advance edge subjects, for example, Framework Creation, Selenium Grid and Cucumber BDD, beginning from the essential Selenium ideas.
To show you Selenium WebDriver, it’s extremely elusive great assets. Also, Guru 99 is one of them.

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9. Selenium Academy – CrossBrowserTesting
This course demonstrates to you how you can utilize your Selenium matrix for testing on cell phones, including web testing. While you need some earlier learning, beginning with a vigorous cloud testing tool like Cross Browser Testing is an incredible asset.
What’s more, Selenium Academy has a whole course index in your favored programming language covering everything automatization.
10. Selenium Conference
There is no better method to gain from individuals who really use selenium than by going to an individual meeting. On the off chance that you need to break into test automatization, the Selenium Conference is the spot to be.
The uplifting news for you is that the vast majority of the general population are dynamic via web-based networking media and dependably share their tips, traps and counsel on test computerization.
11. Stack Overflow
Do you have any questions? When you hit a knock out and about, here’s the place you sought answers. Stack Overflow is the place in excess of 50 million designers and analyzers share their insight, so you realize somebody will assist you with an issue, regardless of how little, explicit or basic it might appear.
Also, on the off chance that you need the most exact data, go straightforwardly to the source code individuals post for you
12. Software Testing Help
Software testing help is another incredible emotionally supportive network for testers endeavoring to make the change to selenium automation, and these instructional exercises begin from fundamental ideas through cutting edge points, for example, system creation, Selenium Grid and Cucumber BDD.
As you experience these instructional exercises, you’ll see that writing test cases is substantially more reasonable than you thought previously.
13. Selenium 101 Series
The complete Selenium 101 Series gives the tools you have to test selenium tests and achieve the desired results. Selenium 101 Series offers a helpful and edible asset for cleaning your aptitudes by tending to the most widely recognized selenium challenges, including highlights, for example, our intuitive selenium life structures, learning test and eBooks for testing automatization.

Testing is an active industry and the community is constantly talking about more efficient automation. Fortunately, you have a lot of resources to learn Selenium. This list includes some of our favourite content, but it only skims the top of everything.
Take the time to talk to other testers and see what worked for them, practice frequently, and you’re going to write your own test cases in no time.