How to Defend Against Ransomware Attacks [Infographic]

The global cyber attack by WannaCry ransomware had affected almost 200,000 organisations in around 150 countries.
But, is WannaCry one of its kind? Hardly. Ransomwares are malicious software designed to block access to a system and threatens to delete or publish the user’s data until a ransom amount is paid. Reveton in 2012, CryptoLocker in 2013, CryptoWall in 2014, Fusob in 2015-2016 are some WannaCry predecessors.
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Ransomware attacks have undergone drastic changes over the years. The new variants seem to be more sophisticated, improved and more dangerous. Ransomware can encrypt machines, causing damage to important files and confidential customer information.  Such operations mostly succeed because they capitalize on fear, which finally forces victims to pay the cyber criminals.
Are you concerned about your business or running in the face of an attack? Our safety checklist will help you to defend your organization against the threat of ransomware.