Top 10 Game Testing Companies In India

The gaming industry has changed a lot in the past few years in India. With the advancement in technology, the game testing companies in india have seen an unexceptional boom in the industry with so many games developed and launched in the market globally.

There is no doubt that the demand for interactive games has increased a lot in the recent times.
The rise in the gaming companies is the major show point of the increment that is using the demand in their favour at every turn.
However, with development comes testing that is one of the most crucial points of the gaming.
Here are the top game testing companies in india that are making their names in the national as well as international market.
1. Testbytes – Pune
With Pune as their home ground Testbytes has managed to gain good reputation within a short span of time.
They have a pretty decent track record and have clientele spread around the world.
Testbytes offer wide range of testing services and game testing one among them. They have a big team of testers who has got years of experience and exposure to various test scenarios and can perfectly and professionally manage testing procedure with ease and efficiency. Their test environment is also equipped to carry out any sort of testing.
2. SuperSike Game – Delhi NCR
They are the government registered privately held software development company that is famous for their design, development, testing and on-time delivery of the gaming software and application for India based platforms of smartphones.
19 Studios are providing their services in the Unity 3D Game Development, Mobile Game Design Services and Game Testing Services.
They have managed to set out their footprint in the global market that is power-driven by the best and experienced brains.
19 Studios have its headquarters in Delhi but are widely spread in the global market due to their best gaming solutions.
They deal in core services of Game Testing Services, Augmented Reality Development, 3D Modeling & Animation, Web Application Development, Unity 3D Game Development and many more. The games under their achievements are See and Match, Paint Ball Game, Treasure Match, etc.
3. Rolocule – Pune
It is one of the reputed game development and testing company that is in the market for over decades.
They are backed off by some of the leading investors including IIM Ahmedabad, Blume Ventures and Mumbai Angels.
The games that fall under the name of Rolocule development are well-known in over 110 countries.
Their headquarters are in Pune with the consistent delivery in the international market with the top-quality that is loved by millions of heart.
They deal in design, 3D development, testing and Modeling and animation. The games under their name are Flick Tennis, Dead Among Us, Dance Party, etc.
4. Ironcode Gaming – Dehradun
The Ironcode has experienced, creative and professional members that deals with developing unique games. In addition to this, they provide full service for the concept development of the games and testing.

Once, everything is set, they even deploy the gaming application. They have already written names on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS.
In addition to this, you can find them on Appstore, Steam, Amazon, Google Play, AOL, BigFish Games, and Yahoo, etc.
The headquarters of the company is in Dehradun with their own cross-platform gaming development services even though they have a third-party engine for the consumertasks.
Their team provides services such as Unity 3D Game Development, Game Designing, Lastman Standing Games, Riotball, Angkor, Turbogems, Pahelika Series, and 2D/3D art.
5. Ingenuity Gaming – Noida
Ingenuity is in the gaming sector for over 13 years and has managed to evolve the sector at a drastic rate.
They are now a multi-channel development studio whose aim is to offer services for the e-gaming and land-based sectors.
The industry has proven their worth with the rating record of their 500+ games that are amazing customers at a global rate.
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They are focused on providing gaming solutions in such the way to provide the best solution to the customers.
The headquarters of the industry is in Noida with approximately 250+ team members that workmeticulously with HTML5 Conversions, Game Art, Testing, Compliance, and Engine Development.
They have games such as Trip Trap Trolls, Diamond Fortunes, and RollemRollem, etc. under their name.
6. Mango Games – Hyderabad
The smartphone game building company – Mango Games deals in several platforms such as Android, iOS, Cloud Games and Windows.
They deal in all the gaming solutions in-house with many services including development, designing, promotion, testing and publishing.
In addition to this, they deal in a different type of games such as turn-by-turn multiplayer, single player and multi-player.
The headquarters of the company is in Hyderabad that hasa firmbelief in persuasive games that are enjoyed by global customers.
Their core services are Game Design Services, Android Game Development, Game Development, Game Testing Services, Unity 3D Game Development, 3D Modeling and animation. The games under their names are Teen Patti, Mumbai Mobsters, and Social Rummy, etc.
7. Synqua Games – Mumbai
Synqua Games falls in the category of the top-rated games in India. They deal in providing services for game development in many platforms for tablets and mobile such as BB10, Android, iOS and Window Phones.
Till today, they have over 60 games that are played by the customers. The download count of the games is approximately 30 million which is still in counting.They are still developing a number of games with are extremely loved by the clients. In addition to this, the gaming studio is redefining their strategies to achieve goals.
The headquarters are located in Mumbai that is working to complete their dream of achieving award-winning gaming applications.
They deal in the Game Design Services, Game Development, Unity 3D Game Development, Android Game Development, 3D Modeling and Animations and Game Testing Services. Their games are Rescue Monster, Snowball Baseball and Tap Baseball.
8. Zapak Digital LTD – Mumbai
They are the leading gaming website that deals in online games with a category that is widespread with multiple categories including the dress up games and action games.
They are dealing in the services including Android Game Development, Game Development, Unity 3D Game Development, 3D Modeling and Animation, and Game Testing Services.
The games that are famous under their names are Speedway Racing, Super Boxing, Stealth Sniper, etc.
9. T&A Solutions – Chandigarh
One of the big shots in game development and testing. They are a pioneer in rendering the Solutions in multiple domains including HR professionals.
The game testing is their forte in which they have managed to develop a name with the great efforts and amazing work.
They are in the business world for many years and have a strongholdin the gaming industry.
The headquarters of the company T & A Solution is in the Chandigarh with the aim to provide the best services to their valuable customers. They work for the quality and not quantity.
10. Indium Game Testing Company – Bengaluru
It is a leading software testing Services Company that is focusing on multiple domains. They are not only making a name in the national market but in the international market as well.
automation testing
The company aim for the perfection and quality of the games in multiple domains. Their business is widely spread in many locations including Bengaluru and Chennai in India market and in USA, Georgia, California, etc.
They provide a number of services that includes the software testing of Games, Technology, Banking, Retail, Education, Life Science, and Healthcare.
In the present time, they are aggressively working in the field of cloud agenda, mobile and social platform with many emerging paradigms.