5 Things You Need to Focus On To Get a Game Tester Job

Game testing has been an essential part of the gamer’s world. It will make two things pop into the mind of a tester, a lazing around a job or dream job. As a matter of fact, the truth is different from what we believe.

There is a difference between playing a game and testing it. The whole process has two different mindsets on which an individual will work. While playing a game, one is completely focused on the entertainment prospect of life whereas a tester will focus on every single detail.

So, let us get your all buckle up before we take you to the bumpy ride of game testing.

The job of Game Tester

Software tester and quality tester are the designations that have a number of responsibilities of their own.

The main aim of both the job is to give out error-free work with the assured quality of software and game respectively.

In this manner, one have to work on the game that allows them to check out the errors or the expectations that might be falling out in the whole process. If we say it in a simple language then the tester will start by finding bugs.

The work is not to play and have a gala time but to go to the depth of the code and extract any part that has no added value to the game or a part that is creating trouble to it.

Hence, it is essential to stop the conventional way of playing the game and work on every single detail from the movement of the hand of a player to the environment that they are playing it.

We have witnessed the craze of Pubg in recent months. It has different environment change as per our movement. In addition to this, the players keep on popping in from different sides that make it difficult to have a hang on.

In such a case, one must have the proper game mind to work on the environment and extraction of the gun from a box. The character, objects, environment, real-time sequence, etc. compiled it all together.

It is essential to combine it all in order to get to the depth of the whole process. The functions and character and compiled in such a way that makes us want to think out of the box.

In such a case, one has to work on the requirement and every single module effectively. Also, one has to keep the mind in the game to ensure that the process is going in the right direction.

5 things to work on

Now, since we know that being a game tester is no cake walk, we need to work on the right path to ensure that we come up with the most perfect part of the process.

It can only be achieved if we focus on 5 important part of the Software testing game that can allow us to have astable testing future. So, let us focus on the famous five:

  • Passion –

If one is not passionate enough to complete the whole game testing process then it won’t be possible for them to survive. It is essential that one is passionate enough to give their time to do this job precisely and work in the right direction to make the game error-free.

Just because one is passionate about playing games, doesn’t mean that they will be focused on the whole setup process as well. However, everyone is not going to be focused on the manner whether you like to do it or not so if you are interested in finding the bugs then it might do well with you.

All the employers will need is a person who is able to sit in front of the system while working on a game to come up with a possible outcome. In addition to this, it is also important that people are focused on the gameplay while working on it.

Hence, a tester must start with working on the small modules then moving towards the bigger part to get in a habit of testing. There are many tools that allow one to work on such a prospect.

  • Education or Technical Skills

When it comes to testing, there is no major degree that is mentioned in the whole job scenarios.

However, they do prefer candidates that know the coding and ways around it. This is the main reason that companies usually go for engineering students in order to fill in the job profile instead of any other person.

The coding is the main point that must be covered by the candidates in order to secure a job.

It can be with a certification or with the help of the proper graduate degree in any of the coding line. The main task that will require technical skills are troubleshooting in the hardware issues and to build in a PC as per the game requirement.

Also, one must know the software language if they are into the localized testing form to keep matters in the hands only.

Also, it is expected from the compliance testers that they know about the whole constructor’s process in the certification work. Hence you need to cover up the topic before the company gets it out of you.

  • Core Skills

Without core skills, you simply can’t do much in the game testing field. One must have the main skills so that they can cover up the main part of the whole process.

The major skills that must be covered up by the software tester are:

  • Troubleshooting and investigation skills –When we work on a system – software and hardware – then it is common to come through a few errors that one simply can’t avoid. It becomes the tedious task for them to manage the whole process easier if a tester doesn’t know how to get it over with. Hence, it is essential to get information on how to resolve certain issues with the troubleshooting mode.
  • Observation and orientation – In this part, one must have amazing observation power that makes them catch any detail easily without worrying about the tedious part of testing. If they have observation and orientation skill then work can be done easily and on time.
  • Analytic thinking – This type of skills is required to secure a good job in the company while having ‘out of the box’ thinking. It is essential to have the proper setup and process to ensure that work is done easily with no error.

These are the major skills that one must work on when you still have time.

  • Experience

This actually counts when one knows how to test. This adds value to the whole resume and makes companies jump towards the candidate. The main reason behind this is that companies don’t have to train a candidate and invest any money in them to polish them up. They can simply get the work started with no delaying of time. This makes the companies work on the experienced candidates in place of a fresher with a higher degree. However, it simply doesn’t mean that fresher can’t apply for it. They are only required to put extra efforts in their skillset and prove their worth during the time of the interview.

  • Additional Skills

The main skills that are added when one want to be a game tester are:

  • Written and oral communication –It is a major part of the whole setup when it comes to communication skills. The person must be able to have the flawless report about bugs so that developers can work on the errors easily. Also, it is essential for them to explain every single point in details that are easily understood by the other person.
  • Team player – When you are hired as the game tester, you are not going to work alone. There will be a group of tester and developers with whom you have to get in touch with every now and then. Hence, it is essential to have this ability to work in the team. It is not about sitting alone and working on the testing. The testers are required for other departments as well that might mean that you need to relocate for a certain project.
  • Work ethics –This part is also essential when it comes to the testing environment. Yes, it might be easy to simply ignore a bug and assume that no one else is going to know about you. But the workers are relying on you for the project so you need to make sure that their trust is intact.
  • Good working relationship – It is part of good communication only. If an individual can work in the collaborative team with flowing communication then it will be easy for them to have a great bond.

These are the major points on which an individual must work on to ensure that they have a safe and secure future.

What Are The Requirements To Be A Game Tester?

Playing video games professionally is the fantasy, however, is it a reasonable dream?

From a game tester stance, the short answer is no,

Really no!

This shouldn’t imply that you can’t acquire a good living with game testing. In any case,playing and testing is altogether two distinct points.

Undoubtedly you must be very well acquainted with playing games. It’s a definite requirement! But we’ll discuss rather what it takes to test the games.

If you’re considering for a profession as a “Video Game Tester”, it’s vital you comprehend what this career will want from you. In this article, we will suggest a list of the generally required abilities and training for this profession.

What Does a Game Tester Do?

“QA analyzer” is the professional title of the position. QA= Quality Analyzer. That move in the title recognizes game testing from game playing and is the initial step on a voyage of realigning desires.QA testing is as much playing game as scenes editing in a film seems to be while watching a movie. You could be trying a similar section of the game for quite a long time!

They help to:

  • Find bugs in the product
  • Catch PC crashes
  • Get rid of realistic glitches
  • Manage sound levels and music playback
  • Distinguishing the game against other available games
  • Checking its execution against what the developer expected
  • Guarantee character development and progression of the storyline

Your role as a game analyzer is to break the game. Games in their beta or test form frequently crash, have rough soundtracks and are brimming with bugs. You need to find any code that doesn’t work. So, you need to be somewhat whimsical in your playing and testing.

Requirements to Become a Game Tester

Clearly, capability in computer games is a noteworthy addition. Higher education and advanced training are not required to be a game tester. But having a qualification particular to the sector would be a favorable position, i.e.inthe computer science major. Moreover, hopefuls in this profession must have a dexterity for playing the computer games and in addition a fantastic eye for detail and a capacity to write as well.

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An ability of writing is basic since computer game analyzers are required to record any bugs they discover in the game. Messy composition and poor grammar or spelling structure may make it troublesome for developers to peruse and comprehend game defects.Game testers always speak with developers and designers. They represent game bugs or make proposals to enhance games. Hence, communication skills are also significant.

Next, you should be instructed in different parts of programming and gaming. You don’t really need to be a genuine software engineer, yet you have to comprehend with the fundamental technology of whatever software languages the engineers utilize.

Above all, you spend a normal of forty hours per week troubleshooting a lot of games. Enthusiasm and energy are essential for this job. Skill and coordination are likewise imperative properties of expert game testers.

Core Skills:

  • Conscientious and perception
  • Troubleshooting and investigating aptitudes
  • Analytical thinking
  • Resilience to monotonous and repetitive duties

Other Skills

  • Great oral and written communication
  • Team player
  • Capacity to maintain good coordination with others
  • Potential to meet due dates and work under pressure

Technical aptitudes

  • In case you’re testing computer games, the firm may require that you’re skilled to build a PC and investigate equipment issues. In case you’re doing localization testing you clearly need to ace a language superbly. Compliance testers are relied upon to know the accreditation procedure of different constructors.
  • Computer science major or programming.
  • Testers should likewise have involvement in making and keeping up information databasesand have some education in graphic design.

Further more, game testers must be able to play on a wide range of gaming platforms. Abilities for playing games are significant to be productive in this vocation field. Game testers ought to have a very long time of experience playing a wide range of games. They ought to have learning and playing knowledge in the racing, fighting, role-playing, simulation genre of the games. Learning of each category isn’t important, yet every analyzer must have a strong comprehension of how all the functions of video games.

How These Skills Help the Game Testers?

On playing a game thoroughly, you’ll prescribe upgrades to the development group before it is publicly launched. You’ll play games in detail and in different ways.Computer game testers must have the potential to play out an assortment of PC methodology, from networking to investigating the Internet and programming.

As a rule, they should likewise supply the hardware to play the game and also a top-notch computer gaming. All equipment must be up-to-date.

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Thus, being a computer game tester is fun, but at the same time, it’s diligent work. Most of the time game tester chip away at a game well more than eight hours per day for three to four months or considerably more. Also, they regularly don’t get the chance to pick the games they test.


Game tester job is a perfect position in case you’re still in college and studying for a computer science degree and wish to work in the games sector in future.The computer game industry is quite often in motion – new technology and new games are continuously driving it higher than ever. The income of the gaming business is, in reality, three times higher than the whole Hollywood film industry. Much of the time, taking a profession as a game tester can be a venturing stone to different positions in the gaming industry- like – product manager, supervisor, or assistant producer.