11 Differences Between iOS and Android App Testing [Infographic]

We have come across numerous apps in our life. But often we face disappointment owing to the bad UX (User Experience) apps have to offer. often we delete the app and curse the makers for providing a subpar product that wasted our data balance.

app testing

Have you ever thought why do they fail? The answer is simple.

They have not tested their app enough. Testing assures guarantee for a product before it’s been showcased in the market.

Even though the purpose of a single Android and IOS apps is similar their testing process is different.

Android apps are open source and there are the vast amounts of customization and flexibility options to avail while testing. On the other hand, Apple IOS apps do not enjoy these options much since it’s solely owned by Apple. However, Security is impeccable when it comes to IOS apps.

There are more differences that set apart testing Android and IOS apps. Their major differences have been represented in the form of an infographic below. Go through it and find out.

11 difference between IOS and Android mobile appTesting