10 Reasons Why Outsourcing App Testing is the Best

Why do I need to outsource app testing? You might be thinking that reducing production costs has more importance than focusing on app stability. However, if outsourcing is an unwanted expense why would app development companies nowadays rely a lot on offshore testing companies to test their app?
This blog can help you understand the essentially of the outsourcing app testing process, why it’s not a loss and works as a risk reduction process to make sure that everything goes smoothly once your app is deployed.
User retention statistics and why it is related to testing
According to the latest survey done by Quettra, 95% of new users discard the apps they have installed and moved on to another. Why? Retention metrics of apps nowadays are so bad.
Optimizing and stabilizing the app has of cardinal importance and often app development companies rely on their in-house testing team which can prove to be not that efficient.
Stats cement the fact that only a stable product can attract users. I.e. you have got only a few days to attract customers once the app has been deployed. The most crucial period! So you have to make an impact as early as possible.

Owing to the same reason efficient software testing has now become a business-critical for businesses. In such scenarios, it is very important to get getting done most efficiently.
When testing is so important for businesses it has to be done proficiently with all available resources. In the new trend, businesses prefer to outsource testing teams, to ensure the most efficient testing.
There was a time when outsourcing was generally done to be cost-effective but now outsourcing testing has many other benefits and is hence considered a better choice for businesses.
Deploying a dedicated testing team can benefit software development in many ways. Here are a few main benefits of outsourcing testing teams.
1. Cost-Efficient
One of the major reasons for going for an outsourced testing team is its cost-efficiency. Your investments and the returns you get on them play an important role in running business.
Suppose you decide to have an in-house testing team, you will have to pay to efficient test engineers, have to spend on buying testing tools, creating infrastructure for an additional team and then training them on the business requirements.

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All this might cost you a hefty amount and not ensuring you meet your future testing needs.
However, you can easily outsource a testing team for a lesser amount, where you get assured of getting your job done by expert testing teams in the presence of state of art techniques and infrastructure.
You not only save a hefty amount on buying testing tools and establishing an infrastructure. Though many established businesses have their in-house testing team, if you do not have one, it is a better option to opt for a veteran outsourced testing team.
2. Better Quality Assurance
Better Quality Assurance
When you outsource a testing team you assure that you achieve unbiased testing results. When testing is being done by the in-house team of developers and testers they might lose the objective to achieve the desired results.
Also, when you outsource a specialized team you ensure that you engage the most capable and competitive resources to get your work done.
Such teams can help find the testing results at an earlier stage of development and hence benefiting in not only saving you a lot of bucks but also decreasing the efforts and time required for the delivery of the software.
3. Concentrate on Core Competencies
Statistics say that only less than 25% of visitors return to most of the websites/apps for the second time. They have multiple options to serve them.
And when the competition is so high, you will have to WOW your users for the very first time. But this is not possible if your product has any bugs or glitches.

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The outsourced teams that are experts in the testing and QA can guarantee you maximum defect detection. When you outsource a testing team your core team can completely focus on the core development and hence ensuring better development of the software.
And the outsourced team can guarantee the better detection of the bugs. This whole process will result in a better app where the teams can concentrate on their core competencies.
4. QA Automation
Software testing has gradually advanced from manually to automate testing. Automated testing has taken an important place in software testing. But not to forget automation testing requires specialized tools and proper expertise to get maximum benefits.
Using automation tools require an expert and experienced team with better knowledge and hands-on experience in automated QA tools and techniques. Establishing such an expert team requires a lot of time and resources.
It is much easier to outsource such a team. You can instantly get hold of veteran teams who can assists proficiently in your automated testing requirements.
5. Deliver in Strict Deadlines
In case of strict deadlines, it generally happens that development takes a front seat and testing takes a back seat.
When testing takes a back seat, it so happens that the quality of the product is put on stake. And when you deliver a buggy product, you lose your credibility.

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When project deadlines are strict it is better to outsource the testing facilities. The outsource team can efficiently handle the testing part of the project giving your team to focus completely on developments.
Such teams will help you deliver a bug-free product to your clients within the timelines.
6. Flexibility of Resources
Outsourcing also becomes budget-friendly when you consider the number of resources required. Deploying and paying for the required number of resources is possible only with QA outsourcing. Your QA requirement may sometimes vary, and with outsourcing teams, it is very easy to cope up with such sudden changes efficiently and cost-effectively.
Especially in fast release cycles you are required to suddenly ramp-up and at the next moment ramp-down your resources. With outsourcing teams, it is easier to be flexible with the number of resources and to pay only for the required number of resources.
7. More Objectivity
With the introduction and widespread of the DevOps approach, the organizations now make many teams integrate the development and testing process and deploy them as a shared function.
Though, this approach can veil many defects in the code while designing and development are being done simultaneously. An external and outsources team can rigorously and in an unbiased manner can detect bugs that the in-house team might not be able to do.
8. Ethical approach
An outsourcing company will have the ethics to meet any kind of setback head-on. Instead of the blame game, they will make sure that the issue is sorted out rather than repenting on it. Not just that, this kind of work ethics can be seen in other aspects too.
9. Better exposure to apps and scenarios
In-house testers and their exposure to apps will be limited.  For instance, imagine that a team of talented and hardworking developers is working on an e-commerce app.
Their knowledge will be limited considering the fact that they might not have worked for this particular domain or their exposure will be minimal.

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An experienced testing team, on the other hand, might have come across such apps a lot and they have a clear idea about what the user wants. How? User testing is the key!
10. UAT- extensive testing for better insights
If you rely on an in house testers for user testing they might not have time for that first of all, Even if they are forced to do, they might rely on some software which cannot guarantee accuracy.
On the other hand, a testing company will have a large user base which can be put effectively to test any software and gain user insights on what sort of improvement is required.
Demerits of in-house testing teams
Though many companies have a well-established in-house testing team, for those who do not have it, it is better to opt from an outsourced testing team. Having an in-house testing team comes accompanied with the following demerits:

  1. Additional expenses: You will have to spend extra money on hiring expert test engineers, buying test tools and developing infrastructure to accommodate the new team.
  2. Training overhead: You will have to ensure that the test team is trained to understand the business requirements and you can never be sure that this training will ever be utilized in the future.
  3. Elongated time:Setting up an in-house team will require additional time and might increase the project delivery date.
  4. Less accurate test results: An in-house team might get biased and might sometime miss out on the defects and hence loosening the true objective of testing.

Software testing is an inevitable and tedious task. Testing needs to carried out in a streamlined and managed manner to ensure its maximum benefits. Specialized testing companies have a well-planned and streamlined methodology to carry out testing.

They also have a team of expert test engineers and advanced technologies and methodologies to carry out testing in a most valuable manner. hiring such veteran testing teams like TestBytes can benefit your business a lot.