Increase your mobile app downloads with Testbytes

Mobile apps are being developed at a very fast rate these days. But unlike the late 2000’s, when there were not many good mobile applications, today’s app markets have thousands of applications providing similar functionality. Apple Store and Google Play Store have over 700,000 apps each with hundreds of new applications being added every day. What does this mean to the mobile app publisher? One word – “Competition”.

What happens when there is competition?
Applications have to be immensely competitive or unique to stand out from the sea of applications that are available. But you cannot rest on your laurels after gaining attention. You have to eliminate defects that plague your application and also try to add new features to improve the user experience to sustain the attention you grabbed.
But many applications that pack a good idea fail to generate the desired amount of attention, leaving the developers wondering why it was not successful. The reason is quite simple – lack of proper testing.
Why should you test mobile apps?
Testing is a time consuming and expensive activity. But, when the popularity of your mobile application goes down due to a critical defect or multiple minor bugs, then you might want to rethink your opinion on testing.
You try to fix the defects but the competitive nature of the market is such that you might not get a second chance to revive the app. When users come to your app, they see the negative comments, which turn off many people who would have downloaded the app otherwise.
Do you want all that trouble? Your objective is obviously to get maximum downloads and popularity, so that you can generate revenue from your application. Wouldn’t that be easier if you could avoid all the defects and get new ideas to improve your application? Testing suddenly does not appear expensive or time consuming. It seems to be more of an investment to improve your product.
A tested application is to a non-tested application what an ironed shirt is to a wrinkled shirt at an all important interview.
What can Testbytes do?
At Testbytes, we test your mobile apps thoroughly with a comprehensive 3-fold strategy to increase the number of downloads for your mobile app. We guarantee increased app downloads by following our go-to market strategy that provides app publishers like you with detailed test results, market research, competitive analysis and new feature suggestions.
We do a lot more than just user interface and functional testing of your application. Our test strategy is more users focused to enhance the user experience and not just the functionality. We keep no stone unturned to ensure that your users love to use your app and you love its developing process. We understand your product, conduct detailed market research, analyse your competitor apps to see what has already been done, and how they have been done. More importantly, we use all the data to provide you with insights to innovate. Innovation is what drives success, and in your case, it will be what drives your app downloads. We improvise on your innovation, making it edible for the general public. In short, we think to make you tick.