Top 5 Tech-Based TV shows on Amazon and Netflix

Writing or directing a technology-related story is never easy and that too, when its aim is to offer entertainment and engage the viewers.

While half the work is done when the movie is launched in the market, the other half of making it available to the viewers is being well-managed by both Netflix and Amazon.
So, if you are a technology-buff and enjoy watching shows related to it, then this write-up brings to you a list of top 5 TV shows that you must watch. Worry not as these are easily available on the live streaming networks.
1. Altered Carbon

Available on Netflix since February 2018, the series is based on Richard Morgan’s 2002 cyberpunk novel.
Depicting the impact of technology on our lives after 350 years, the movie shows a world where humans would be able to upload and download their digital versions into stacks and discs that would be stored in the back of our necks.
This Tv shows will imply that humans would be able to switch bodies after their death.
The idea has been depicted through the story of the trained killer Takeshi Kovacs who, one fine day, wakes up and finds himself in someone else’s body in prison. He is, then, given a choice to either stay in prison or solve the murder mystery of one of the world’s wealthiest men, Laurens Bancroft.
2. Robot

Mr. Robot is an excellent depiction of the idea of what a person can do using his keyboard.
Available on Amazon Instant Video, the show is about a cyber security engineer during the day and a white-hat hacker during the night.
This man is made to participate in a conspiracy planned to hack the America’s biggest corporation and get rid of all the debt.
The show talks a lot about technology, ethics and details of hacking, the impact of cryptocurrencies on world economies, etc. To keep the show as real as possible its makers have taken the details about hacking and related concepts from the people from the same industry.
3. Black Mirror

This show by Charlie Brooker depicts the dark side of technology and how it negatively affects the society.
A long-running collection of short films, the series takes a simple technological idea to the worst possible effect on the society.
For example, social media likes and virtual reality gaming. This is what makes the show pitch dark while keeping the viewers interest intact. The show is available for the views on Netflix.
4. Halt and Catch Fire

This is probably one of the best TV shows by Chris Rogers and Chris Cantwell that did not garner much of the viewers’ attention and love.
The first season beautifully depicts the story of Compaq copying the IBM in 1980s followed by the other two parts showing the birth of the modern internet.
Appealing the viewers for the beautiful depiction of the story and wonderful direction, the show could not attain much success owing to its slow transformation through the 80s and 90s.
The series will soon end with its fourth season. Watch all the seasons of the series on Amazon Instant Video.
5. Westworld

One of the highest rated Tv shows Westworld has managed to create a huge fan base all over the world within a short span of time once it has started airing on HBO.
Westworld was first released as a movie in the year 1973 and has managed to create cult followers. The series was released in the year 2016 and became success within a short span of time.
The plot of the series is like this, An American old west atmosphere was created by Delos inc. and they deployed androids in the habitat for quenching all sorts of needs of humans.
The androids named as hosts are programmed with memories and will act accordingly. Once the story is done, their memory will be erased and will be programmed again. However, certain hosts eventually manage to remember their past and started developing awareness.
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The series was made by brother of acclaimed director-writer Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan and his wife Lisa Joy. Lead actors of the series include, Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Wright, Ed Harris, James Marsden, Jimmi Simpson,Luke Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson etc.
That’s not the end!
The list goes on as there are several other live streaming channels that run many more such Tv shows like Westworld on HBO Go and Sky Go, Silicon Valley on HBO Go and Sky Go, etc.
Moreover, the advancements in technology is inspiring many other writers and directors to make similar show.
So, if technology is your first love or you love watching such shows, then do not miss to watch these series as there’s a lot more in store.

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