15 Popular Testbytes Software Testing Blogs of 2017

As the year progresses, software development industry showcases new changes which is adopted by the software testing companies. To keep up with the pace, its important to know everything about the technology and here we have listed the 15 top blogs from Testbytes in 2017 that will help you in some or the other way in issues related to software testing.
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13 Major Bug Tracking Software Tools 2018
To deliver quality software its essential to track bugs or issues. And for this a bug tracking software can help you report, capture and manage bugs. With many software tracking tools related blogs, this one will manage to stand out with a strong emphasis on the top 13 bug tracking tools.
10 Websites that Every Tester Needs to Go Through in 2018
Being a software tester or someone working in software development, its important that you are well versed with all the technicalities that are happening in the field. As the year ends, we have shared a list of top 10 websites that every software tester must visit and go through in 2018.
6 Trends Currently Reshaping the Software Testing Industry in 2017
As technology keep rising day by day, the skills of software testers are challenged making it hard for them to continue with the pace. This blog show cases the top trends that can reshape the methods in a software testing industry.
 How to Create Test Cases in Android Application
Test case is believed to be a condition or a variable that is checked by a tester to ensure that the test under work satisfies all the specified requirements. And this blogs deals with the crucial steps that one needs to perform to create test cases for an Android application.
Top 13 Myths Surrounding Software Testing
As the process of software testing involves several testing procedures it is also surrounded by a number of myths which may or may not impact the process of software testing. But its important to debunk these myths, and this blog will help you on that note.
5 Major Benefits of Using a Bug Tracking System 
Any incorrect issue, be it in the design, specifications, coding requirements or anything related to the software program is known to be a bug. Over the years, the number of bug tracking tools has increased and this blog explains the major benefits of using a bug tracking system.
What are Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Testing [Pros and Cons Included]
Every software release lifecycle consists of different stages-alpha, beta & gamma, that in turn describes the stability of the software. This blog from our list this year will let users understand the aspect of each phase of software testing.
5 Major Types of Test Automation Frameworks
As the major benefit of test automation frameworks is that it is dependent on the app and according to the application changes can be made to the framework. And this blog gives the major five types of test automation frameworks that you need to know.
Top 11 Open Source Security Testing Tools for Web Applications
Hacking of a website or an application is a common thing seen around these days and to stay away from this its definite that you need to put in some effort. And this can be made practical by using open source security tools and the top 11 has been listed in this blog.
5 Types of Regression Testing Methods You Should Know
Bringing changes to your systems and products by time is a usual factor. Regression testing, is one such testing method that checks whether the system functionalities works the same along with the driven modifications. This blog portrays the general regression testing methods and benefits that one should know.
11 Steps to Configure Email Notifications Using Jenkins
Email and email notifications are an important aspect in every businesses. And these days you have several plug-ins available as free and paid which helps you to configure email notifications. The main objective of this particular blog is to showcase the steps in email configuration.
How to Find Bugs in Game Testing
As any other application, its important to test a game from the very starting stage to avoid issues in future. This blog goes through the different methods to find bug in games thus, creating a hassle-free user experience.
6 Types of Software Testing Models
In an entire software development lifecycle, testing is a crucial step to be performed. In this, you have various testing models where each one of them have different benefits. And this blog goes through various testing models with their advantages and disadvantages highlighted.
9 Different Types of Game Testing Techniques
Game testing is the final step in a game development process and it is in this step its determined that the game you created is working properly. So, do you want to know about the types of game testing methods? This blog contains details on some of the main game testing techniques that can be implemented in a software.
11 Emerging Trends in Software Testing 2018
From the past few years, software testing methods have grown drastically with the emergence of latest technologies. As technology grows, there is an increased demand in specialized skills among testers. So, this blog will certainly help you to watch out for the emerging trends in 2018.
The technological advancements in software testing   run on a high pace and thus the organizations and testers are forced to increase their skills and product quality rhythmically. We, at Testbytes will keep you updated through our blogs with all the forthcoming changes this year…
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