Security Testing : A Must For Your Software

Do you have any idea about the security breaches that have been happening around the globe? It is expected that 70% of the companies have already in fear and admitted that security issues are grave and they are seriously concerned. It is estimated that around 100 billion USD is in loss caused by breaches all over the world. Recent findings also pointed out an alarming fact that most of the websites have at least one security issue. What’s the solution? Security testing application and by following certain guidelines can give enough protection to any companies.

Game Testing Experts For End-to-end Testing

Games are the most engaging software human has ever produced. In 2019 gaming is at a point where loads of technological innovation has been integrated to it.
To make sure that all these technologies are integrating well along with maximum user experience. Games need testing. Game testing makes sure that the game is stable, and assures success by validating it with real users. However, game testing is an intricate task and has to be performed by experienced professionals. This is the exact reason why testbytes can help you in the process. We have been doing game testing for the past 7+ years and our tester pool is one of the best out there. We also have a strong online community to help us with beta testing. Talk to us. Be it any game. let us know the requirement.

API Testing – Things You need to Know

The reason for conducting any form of test would be to find out the anomalies that are forcing it to behave from expected behavior. API is something which works closely with the public. So without continuous testing and validating an API is a ticking time bomb. What are types of API that exists now?
• TCP/IP Sockets
• Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
• Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA)
• Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) and Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) • Microsoft Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) – also known as ActiveX
• Web Services (SOAP then REST) What are most important questions that need to addresses while testing an API?
• Who is your user?
• What would be the possible reason people will be using this particular API?
• How critical is the data?
• What can happen if there is a case of anomaly once the API is deployed?
• How fast is the response time of the API? • How to carry out the test?
• How to test the endpoints of API? To get a detailed idea, have a look at the video

Testbytes QA and Software Testing Company

Software testing companies and their services are of plenty at his juncture of time.
However quality services are hard to find and it is confusing to pick one from the bazillion companies out there.
Testbytes have been in the software testing industry for many years. Our experienced testers will ensure that your software is in perfect condition before or after deployment.
Our Testing services APP Testing (iOS and Android): Uninstall rate of any app can only be avoided through stability. Stability can only be attained through testing Web App Testing: web apps are the future of any business. Stable apps ensure success its success after or before deployment. Game Testing: Assure maximum engagement for your games through various testing techniques Automation Testing – Automation will save time and increase the efficiency of your software within a short span of time.

Types Of Game Testing

Testing the game at required intervals is essential for it to thrive in the stiff competitive gaming market out there. It is known fact that there is millions of game out there.
But most of them are facing a common deadly situation. “Uninstallation” What would be the reason for such huge amount people discarding games even though most of them are fun and engaging? The possible reason would be testing, to put it straight, they have not tested enough.
Since internet speed are higher than ever and data plans are so cheap. People tend to move on to the next one within seconds if the software has any sort of glitches.
So testing them continuously is the most factors that can you help you in survival. What sort of testing has to be conducted while testing a game?
Watch this video and find out what the most important testing types which has to be done to make sure that your game is robust

Why Your Software Needs Automation Testing

Automation is a widespread technology that’s been put to use all the existing industries at present.
The main reason for such acceptance is the technology can save a lot of time, increase efficiency and reduce manpower to a great extent.
When it comes to software testing, automation has managed to revolutionize the industry.
Main advantages of Automation Testing include,
• A huge amount of tests can be executed in a short span of time
• Compatible to CI/CD
• More scenarios can be covered
• Easy to implement cross-device-browser-OS testing
• Speed, efficiency, quality etc. can be increased