What is mutation testing? (Infographic)

What is Deployment Automation

What makes an effective good unit test

A Brief About Big Data Testing

Top 10 web UI (user interface) testing tools

Points to Remember While Implementing Test Automation

Let’s admit it Test Automation is costly and hard to maintain. Even though the setup can save a lot of time. It’s indeed a daunting task to implement automation in a company that’s not used to the process or does not know the long time benefits of it. Realistically speaking there are certain things that you need to consider before implementing Test automation. Here is what they are!

Top 10 web UI Testing Tools

Dozens of tools are popping up lately when it comes to UI test automation of app/software. Since there are many tools out there, choosing one for your company can be a daunting task. Here’s how we can help you. We have concentrated the list to a 10 and added rating to them so that you can go through them and find out which suits your company the best

Difference Between Mocks and Stubs

Code Less Test Automation Advantages

Writing test automation scripts can streal a lot of testers’ time. Since prime intention behind bringing automation to the picture is to save time. Code-less test automation further minimizes the time for testers in SDLC advantage.

Planning to migrate cloud data? Don’t you need testing?

Cloud migration is a risky process. Any faults can result in a loss of reputation and havoc to the public. To mitigate risk,