Limited Testing Begins for Android’s new ‘Instant Apps’

Android Instant apps

Last year at the I/O Conference conducted by Google in San Francisco, a new concept was introduced – ‘Instant Apps’. These applications can be used with a single click on the respective URL links. Users are not required to install the applications from the app store.

Temporary loading will be made rather than downloading the whole app from the store and installing. After one or two trials has been made, if the needs the app for further use, he can download it. This way, uses need not install apps to test if they actually finds it useful.

mobile app

About half an year after Google has announced Instant Apps, few selected apps are now ready to be tested. Fully functional Instant apps will not be available to the users yet. They will get a limited version to test out the functionality and provide feedback as mentioned in Android developer blog

Instant apps of BuzzFeed, Wish, Periscope and Viki would be the first ones to be tested. An Instant app gives the speed of a web page and works like a native app. According to the android team, other developers won’t be able to join in the initial stage. But can can be part of the wider SDK release if they apply here

Instant apps are expected to put an end to the massive consumption of data and storage in users’ smart devices as google themselves were claiming at the Instant App announcement event.