5 Conditions to be Added in Your Mobile App Testing Checklist

5 Conditions to be Added in Your Mobile App Testing Checklist

We can see developers setting new trends with exciting mobile applications every minute. But, this large number of apps leaves the consumers or the users in doubt, in terms of choice and their working.Therefore, app developers have mobile app testing or QA kept in top of their priority list so that their mobile applications are the best and defect free.
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We all know what mobile application bugs can do to mobile devices. An average mobile user will not prefer bugged applications in his/her device Therefore, in order to make it perfect, the mobile applications are tested.
Before you start testing, here are some key points to add to your checklist:

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1. Performance

The performance of app focuses on mainly two things:
working speed of the app and the responsiveness of the application, the CPU of the device, memory usage in SD card and in device and the battery drainage.
Even a minor or major weakness in the network connection can affect the performance strength of the application. This is a kind of device versus application. So testing focused on the Wi-Fi connection or network availability can help to improve these areas of crashes.
This also covers the amount of data used by the application. This is one of users favourite too. Performance is merited on the basis of how well applications behave on the device.

2. Interruption

Bugs are well known to interrupt working of devices. While the app is running, normal interaction is interrupted by different kind of external events.
This includes pop up alert like alarms, calendar, notifications, incoming /outgoing voice calls and text messages. Among these the incoming/outgoing calls are the most important kind of interruption caused.
Sometimes, this can affect the working of other apps in the device too. This is almost common for every application. Clearing this defect before launching the app in the market can add to its efficiency.

3. Device Integration

Integration of the mobile application with the device is significant.
Here the applications have to merge with all the settings, configuration, alignment and in built applications of the mobile device such as screen resolution, screen orientation, OS, camera, audio, GPS service etc., It is very important to know how an app works on specifications like your location, video and camera.
Expected results may vary according to the specifications of the mobile.
Response of device to the gestures can also be included and how the device responds should also be counted.

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4. Installation

Installation is the part where the tester should look for the process of installing and uninstalling and the properties of updating.
Sometimes, testing of installation in the application is not done completely.
There are a lot of things to consider while testing the installation of a mobile application. Initially, we have to categorize the end users. The target audience have a relationship with the process of installing and uninstalling the application.
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Also, the experience can vary for the first time users of the application. The process of updating the installed application has to be taken care of. The main question that arises here is whether the updated version of a mobile application is supported by the device?

5. Network

Testing on network deals with the poor or weak signal, quality loss and data transition.
Applications that don’t need network traffic after the installation wouldn’t be much affected. The main course problem with the application that requires network data for further working is that, they have a tendency to consume a large amount of data. MB. Messenger applications are one among these.
Battery drain can also happen while in-app use. Gaming apps having multi-player specifications and applications like sound cloud where user can listen to music online can cause huge battery drainage.