Poor QA Can Be A Thanos Snap For Your Business


Thanos shook the world with his snap in the 4th Avenger movie Infinity War. He has successfully managed to decimate half of the world with the power of the infinity gauntlet.  Even though it’s a movie, for the first time the world witnessed the victory of a villain in a superhero flick. The same became the main USP for the movie.
However, what Thanos has done can happen to your business in no time if your company is not concerned about Quality Analysis.
The only difference here is there is no End Game to rectify the damage since this is real life.
So what exactly is QA and why is it so crucial? let’s find out!
********End Game Spoiler Alert! ********

Reality Check!
We don’t have a time machine to reverse the damage that has been done. There is no Tony Stark to make it happen, there is no Captain America, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, Ant-man and Hawk-Eye to travel to the past and make it all right.  All we have is the proper methodology and practices to make sure that nothing goes wrong.
Let’s imagine Thanos and his accomplices as potential bugs in any software. They will cause trouble and can be catastrophic to your business.
But you will not get an End Game to correct everything. You have to make sure that you find Thanos eliminate him in the infinity war itself with the help of a team that has the capability of doing so.
The Thanos Snap, Poor QA, How does it affect your business?

  • Low Revenue
  • Losing credibility in public view
  • Increase in production cost
  • Wastage of resources
  • Late product delivery and as a result, poor customer review
  • Reworking cost

Let’s have a look at the most effective way to track bug in any software

  • Always make sure that the process that you are adopting for bug tracking supports the end goal
  • Rely on a tool that suits well with the process
  • Do not throw all at once to your team. Remember they are on a mission make sure that they are focussed and task allocation in such a way that it’s easy on them
  • Your bug tracking database can also work as a scheduling tool for many aspects related to testing
  • Make sure that the defects have been detailed well in the report
  • Learn about multiple bug tracking methodologies and adopt one that you think as effective
  • Time allocated on tasks should be perfect, not up anymore not up any less
  • Do not have vague exit criteria. Make sure that the validation for changes that you have prescribed is satisfactory.

The correct process involved in Quality Analyses

  1. Requirement gathering – Clear idea about the requirement of the project will be written in an understandable format
  2. Test strategy formation – Strategy is essential for efficient QA and to make sure that the stakeholder is confident.
  3. Test planning – Once testers have the basic requirements. Test strategy will be implemented
  4. Test Execution – This is the process where bug and defect tracking and documenting them takes place.
  5. Before release testing – counter checking of implemented changes happens in this phase

Tips from Nick Fury! How to choose the best QA team?

  • Each project requires a unique approach and methodology.
  • Make sure that the personnel involved in the testing has deep-rooted knowledge about the product and methodology that’s about to be adopted for the project

  • Communication skill is very important to make sure that all the testers can communicate well between each other and with you
  • IP (intellectual property protection) is one of the most important aspects of any team.
  • Make sure that the outsourcing company you are relying on will not disclose any detail about your product
  • Make sure that the testers are flexible to various conditions.
  • They should be well-acquainted with various process and methodology of testing and must be able to combine real-life scenarios with product testing.
  • Make sure that the testers can understand the requirements well.