Why Test Mobile Apps?

Mobile App Testing

Imagine this scenario – You see a really cool app totally by chance, and gets so smitten by it that you download it instantly. Entranced, you explore it with”. In a matter of minutes, the latest discovery is shared with your peers and on social media. Fast forward a couple of days when the freshness has slowly started to wear off, and you are like “This seemed to be great, but it’s just an ok app”. A week later, you feel the app was a complete waste of time.

How many times has this happened to you? If you are open to new apps, you might be suffering from this on a weekly or monthly basis and the reason – Bugs!
Applications can have great ideas, but if you want to retain users, a great user experience is mandatory. Your software should be bug-free for this to be attained. Testing can tell you if there are bugs and identify them so that it becomes easy for your developers to fix them. So, testing plays a major role in the mobile applications development process.
Top Reasons To Avail Mobile Apps Testing
Operating Systems
While developing a mobile application, you need to consider different operating systems. iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and other systems have different requirements. So testing shold be done to ensure that everything is working perfectly.
Wide Variety Of Hardware
There is a wide variety in mobile hardware. CPU, GPU, RAM, sensors, GPS, internal memory, etc will vary in different models of smartphones and tablets.
Screen Size
There are tablets, phablets and phones. Even among them, you can find different screen sizes. This is a major issue to deal with as the developer has to be very conscious and careful about the screen resolution during the development process as well.
Mobile Carriers
Each mobile carrier can have a different norm regarding the applications to be installed. Verizon wireless, AT & T, T-Mobile, Orange, Docomo, Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance etc., will have their own sofware additions, which the developers need to be aware of for the software to fuction smoothly.
Immaculate testing can ensure that your software offers a great experience to the end user despite the differences in hardware, operating systems, screen sizes and mobile carriers.