Unfathomable value of app testing! How much does app testing cost?

How much does testing cost?

The user is always the king. They decide whether your innovative app is truly an innovation. However, it’s a known fact that bad user reviews are something unavoidable if you look at it from a realistic perspective. But yes! We can avoid a lot of user wrath from the play store and keep your app in that 4-star rating that’s optimum for success.
It’s true that knowingly none jeopardizes quality. But often people behind app development show a blind eye towards validating quality. Overconfidence regarding the stability of the build can prove to be disastrous.
Mobile app test cost calculator
Developing an app might not cost you much but what user seeks is quality and quality comes with a price and it can’t be discarded
There exists a usuality where app development companies are keener on the manual way of testing. Checking the functional aspect of the app is indeed needed however, there other factors that direly need to be validated before the release.
How does testing help in validating the quality aspects of an app/software? And what are those aspects?
importance of testing
Types of testing that can validate the quality of an app
There are around 2.9 million apps (it’s climbing even as we speak) in the Google play store and 1.96 million apps in the Apple App Store. Competition is sky high! To survive you need quality as an upper hand and that’s the value that testing delivers
Performance – Do you wish to measure the stability, scalability, speed, the responsiveness of your software under various loads? Then performance testing is the answer
Functionality – Functional requirement of the software needs to be validated before the release that’s the situation where functional testing can be of great help. The process helps in validating each and every function of the software.
Security – You are living in an age where breaches have become a common occurrence. To avoid loss in millions and that reputation you have built as a result of years of hard work, all the security loopholes have to be sealed off. While performing a security audit of your software all the weak links can be traced out and corrected eventually for safe software.
Compatibility – an uncountable amount of devices exists with varied screen size, OS, browsers, etc. to make sure that your software is performing as it is supposed to be, you need to validate the compatibility.
Installation testing – A software system comprises various components. To make sure that it’s installed smoothly across various devices and OS versions and types you need to check it through installation testing.
Localization – Are you are that your software behaves as per the cultural norms of people across the world? You can find that out by localization testing. Testers with varied demographics will test your software for appropriateness.
Beta testing – Before release software has to be tested within a real user environment to make sure that a robust product is set out in the market. Beta testing is the name of the process where your software will be exposed in a closed user environment so that real-time user feedback can be recorded.
Usability – You have pictured your app to be used in a certain way for a documented functionality. However, that need not be the case with a user. To make sure that the app is meant for the user perspective we have to test the usability of it.
Does testing cost more than development?
The minimum cost of developing an app will range from $2000 to tens of thousands of dollars based on the complexity. However, when you go for QA you should look at the value it brings to the table and then weigh it against the development cost.  If there is a loose end at your side It can tarnish the image of your company beyond repair and would put an end to your business once and for all. So you can’t weigh the cost of quality and even if it’s above developmental cost in the long run it would be beneficial and would be the would reason for the success of your app.
My App is 100% unit tested. Why do I need dedicated QA?

  • 100% unit test does not mean 100% test coverage
  • Testers test the software from a user perspective. Creators of the app will always be biased
  • Testers make use of negative testing that reveal a lot of bugs
  • Testers have the ability to prioritize the bug considering the biggest picture
  • Testers have specific domain expertise and they clearly know what users are seeking
  • Testers apply all of their creativity in functionality testing creating various scenarios
  • Testers ask a lot of question about the requirement so that he can find issues with the requirement stage itself
  • Testers know that the testing process can be repetitive their mindset is built on the obvious
  • Testers will be stern about their findings rather being biased

How much will it cost to test your app?
Costing is dependent on various factors. That’s the reason why many are in dark regarding the estimation of software testing.
When it comes to the costing part test bytes have created a detailed estimation engine that can calculate the costing, effort, and timeline required to test your app.
The most astounding factor about the calculator is that the generated costing would be 85-90% accurate which is far better than any other estimation method out there in the market.
Click here and you will be led to a cost calculator where you will be asked to enter certain details for effective and in-depth evaluation.
Let’s go through them
Domain-specific testing assures much more detailed evaluation and validation. By knowing the domain, we will be able to designate testers who have sound experience and track record in the chosen domain.
How much does testing cost (test cost calculator) screen 1
Testing strategy and procedure will have change based on the OS type. OS type will also have an impact on cost too.
How much does testing cost (test cost calculator) screen 2
There exist a plethora of screen sizes at present. Your app has to be tested in the most common screen sizes to ensure that the app’s appearance and each screen size will have an impact on the cost.

Similar to screen size, your app has to be tested on various devices to ensure that it’s performing fine. And it has to be done on a combination of emulator + real device basis and it will have an impact on costs.
How much does testing cost (test cost calculator) screen 4
If it’s a standalone app there won’t be any cost difference. However, if your app has third-party integration it has to be tested and obviously, it will add up to the cost.
How much does testing cost (test cost calculator) screen 5
it’s mandatory to test the functionality, usability, and compatibility of your app. By adding more testing type’s maximum stability, scalability, and security of the app can be validated.
When it comes to testing security, there are two types of testing black box and gray box testing.
Since security testing is an intricate process and requires much more effort and time than that of any other type, its cost will be shown separately and will be added to the final cost.
How much does testing cost (test cost calculator) screen 6
Each testing cycle means the entry and exit point of the QA of your app. Enhancements will require more cycles and it will be reflected in the cost.  So you must specify how much testing cycle will be required.
For a better understanding have a look at the diagram and find out what happens in every cycle

Once you have submitted all the data you will receive a mail that will explain in detail the estimation by compartmentalization.
Let’s have a look
The first section will have all the details you have submitted when you tried our test cost calculator
How much does testing cost (test cost calculator) screen 8
The next section will have the text execution break down in an easy to understand graphical representation as well as in detailed tabular format.
How much does testing cost (test cost calculator) screen 9
How much does testing cost (test cost calculator) screen 10
Based on user input there is also a module wise division of text execution effort
How much does testing cost (test cost calculator) screen 11
Your requirement will decide what type of testing strategy is needed for your app. And each testing type requires specific effort. This section contains testing types that are by default mandatory and the types that you have opted for and our suggestions in testing types to make sure that your app is robust not in terms of certain aspects but all.


Beneath the graphical representation, there will be the final amount and time required to test your app.
*You might be thinking why the range has so much disparity.  Many dwindling factors come into the picture while estimation, for instance, remuneration of a senior test engineer will differ from that of a junior tester and obviously that will affect costing too. It’s up to the user to choose the expertise of the tester.

Transparency and efficiency is the key to a long-lasting client – business relationship. We understand that very well and that’s the reason why we are constantly trying to bring forth innovations and integrations to our core system. This cost calculator we have is the most advanced and detailed in existence. Hope it can be of help to those who wish to get a detailed estimate quickly.