Game Testing Services Skills Every Game Tester Should Have

Game Testing Services

Game development has increased because of the rise of mobile phones. As a result, Game Testing Services have gained much importance.

If you want to be a game tester, you ought to know what employers need from you. As a game tester, your role is crucial for the success of a game.

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Game Testing Services will give you completed version of a game. You have to find out glitches within the game.

So, what are the required skills?

  • Keen observation skill is a must for a mobile game tester. If you can’t catch bugs, better forget the job of a tester, as companies test such skills in the job interview


  • You should possess investigation and troubleshooting skills. Those skills are essential to find out bugs easily and rectify it as early as possible
  • Patience to handle repetitive and monotonous tasks
  • Analytic thinking is a common skill needed in the world of software testing.

Some Additional Requirements

Let’s know about some more skills expected by Game Testing Services

  • Diplomacy: Of course, you have the experience of playing games alone on your gadgets. Keep in mind you are going to work with a team of professionals for a company with the goal of generating income.

If you have any previous experience of working with a team, you might know the difficulty to manage your colleagues. People with big egos won’t last long. For your information, testers provide their service to other departments in the same company as well. Actually they are also your clients. Try to be a team player by keeping good relations with them.

  • Communication Skills: Good communication skills are very important since much of the game testing involves filling out bug reports. You are supposed to explain what went wrong in an effective way as well. Sometimes you have to write test cases and to explain your test strategy.
  • Ethics:As far as a tester is concerned, work ethics is very crucial. You might think if you ignore a bug nobody is going to notice it. But companies want to make sure you can be trusted and will get the job done on time.
  • Ability to cope with deadlines: Game Testing Services want to hire people who can meet deadlines and able to work under pressure at the same time.

What about Technical Skills?

The employer may ask if you have a technical idea of how games are built, etc. For example, if you are a localization tester you ought to have knowledge about game content construction. An idea about various security protocols and security threats are necessary for testing security. Additionally, you should be aware of various IT certification processes.

Passion for Gaming

Companies really want people who can sit in front of a game and interact with it all day long. This will be easier for people who are passionate about mobile games. If you don’t have any interest towards gaming, it is not so easy to continue in this job for long.


Qualifications Required

In most of the countries, no university is providing a course in game testing. However, skills are very often tested at the interview by the Game Testing Services.

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Some testing companies look for experienced candidates. This is because experienced testers have a good idea of the game development cycle. At the same time, inexperienced candidates may also be recruited by some employers for their specific job requirement.

Every beginner tester should understand that good knowledge, technical skills and experience are essential for every job. So, improve your skills and good luck!