Enjoy the benefits of reusing Test Cases with Testbytes

Enjoy the benefits of reusing test cases with Testbytes

As a testing team, you might be used to writing test cases that are exclusively tied to single applications. Each and every time you want to test a new application, you start writing from scratch. After testing that particular application, you simply scrap the test that you worked hard to write. But is that actually necessary? At Testbytes, we have a huge repository of test cases from our rich experience across different clients and applications. This helps us to reuse standard test cases that can be used for repetitive development work items. In this way, our resources are able to save 20% on end to end testing efforts for the client.

How can Test Cases be reused?

What we do is quite simple. A lot many applications, while being different on the whole, will have features that are generic. For example, shopping carts are a constant in eCommerce applications. A test case written for one application’s shopping cart can invariably be reused with another application’s shopping cart. We also maintain utmost confidentiality while reusing the test cases and any proprietary information is not included in such an activity. The similarities increase as we go down to lower levels. There will be a lot of features that will be using the same functions or objects, making it a more specific test case.

So, instead of writing a test case for the application as a whole, we write test cases for individual features or rather for functions and objects. So, to test an entire application, we can link test cases for relevant features and write new test cases only for the features that are truly unique.


More Effective – As test cases are being written for a specific function rather than the entire flow, attention is given to each function, making the test cases more effective.
Lowers Maintenance Costs – If a function changes in one of your products, then you just need to rewrite one test case rather than several test cases across your different products. Thus, your maintenance cost gets lowered.
Saves Time – There are lesser test cases to be written, which means you do not have to spend extra time rewriting the same function over and over again.

What is the role of Testbytes?

As mentioned earlier, Testbytes maintains a huge repository of test cases, and therefore can reuse a lot of test cases in most scenarios. This means a lot of effort and time are saved for the client. In fact, it would be a convenient method with a lot of cost, time and effort savings.