Why Security Testing is Emerging as a Trend Before The New Year?


Now that New Year is just a month away, security testing services have started emerging as a popular trend. Several research reports can be found that claim how security testing services are going to be the buzzword in the coming year. It is not surprising to find out so many research reports flooding the market because of the increasing cyber-crimes. To eliminate these cyber-crimes and security threats, the security testing of applications, database and different networks has become the top priority for most companies. So, let’s first understand the different aspects of security testing services that are in focus now.

app testing

Following are the different aspects of security testing services that are making news:

  • Application Services: You can see several application services being introduced in the market. This include setting up of enterprise, Web, mobile and cloud configurations. Further, the work culture is also shifting because of the increasing demand for freelance employees. This has encouraged Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), work from home culture, and also the hiring of remote and offshore freelance employees. Reports suggest that in the coming years, almost 40% of the total workforce will be freelance employees. In such a case, security is a major concern as chances are that the security of the confidential information of the organisation might get compromised.

  • Application Tools and Methodology: Based on the goals of a business, the tools used for security testing services can be code review tools, automated testing tools and Web testing tools. Note that these testing tools must be periodically upgraded as and when to deal with cyber-crimes and cyber threats. Similarly different organisations must devise their own plans to deal with the cyber threats by using different evaluation methodologies such as performing security tests on a quarterly, semi-annually or annual basis. All over the world, organisations are ready to increase their budgets for performing security tests of their applications and networks in order to eliminate and minimize security threats and also reduce damages as far as possible even under some worst situations.

  • Industries: Now the million dollar question is which industries are looking for security testing services? In fact, every industry will try to secure its confidential business data and aim at increasing its market share.

Be it an e-commerce, retail, government establishments, healthcare, or telecom industry, the top focus will be to add technological innovations in its business. This will, however, also lead to vulnerability. Therefore, security testing must be done to eliminate any possibility of security threats.


Most business organisations have been able to increase their revenues by including security testing services in their business models and securing business applications. To get the real advantages of applications, organisations must be ready with security features in their applications and this can be done by appointing security testing services to perform security testing. Security testing companies use the latest methodologies, testing tools and mobile devices to provide high-quality application.