Top 10 Software Testing Training Institutes in India

Software Testing Training Institutes

Before you browse through the best software testing institutes in India, first it’s important to know why testing is an integral part of any organization. Software testing process intended to execute and find bugs, verifying that the software is ready for use.

Despite the fact that the importance of software testing may seem insignificant, the testing process is always an equally integral part of development and planning. Software testing is all about checking the product’s quality with various test cases implemented automatically or manually as a bug-free application or software is the main reason to perform testing.

Finding the best institute which would bring out the best tester in you is a difficult task, as there are many institutes that give a fake promise of offering employment and 100% commitment. Therefore, before you enrol to institutes, make sure you study them well to avoid any frauds. Nevertheless, it is you who should try to convert your knowledge into an opportunity after certification in testing.

So to make your search hassle-free, we have brought 10 top institutes for your software testing training needs.

1. ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board)

ISTQB is a non-profit, software testing certifications board that has a global presence. It is headquartered in Belgium and conducts online software testing exams within centres across the world. In the United States, it is one of the certifications you ought to take to work in any company.
To qualify for this test, the ISTQB has a set of pre-defined standards and syllabus. Since long, it has been one of the favourite certifications for those looking for an IT job overseas. It’s also seen that professionals with ISTQB get good promotions, incentives and raises.

2. CMC Limited

A TATA enterprise that offers you a range of certifications in various niches of software development and is a leading IT consulting and BPO organization in India with a CMMI Level V accreditation. One of the main courses there includes ‘Diploma in software testing’ which offer manual techniques, as well as automation techniques in software testing.
CMC offers 3 months course of software testing and helps students to learn without an IT background.


Well, if you want to get huge exposure to a number of advanced technologies in software testing techniques and concepts in real-time projects, this is the place for you. The institute offers hands-on experience on various tools like Load Runner, Selenium, HP Quality Control etc.

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CETPA basically operated in the northern regions of India viz. Lucknow, Noida, Roorkee and Meerut. It encompasses more than 13 years of experience in teaching and bringing up talents and they cover testing domains in manual, automation and database.

4. Seed Infotech Ltd

If you are looking for a training institute in and around Maharashtra state, come to this destination. Seed Infotech has made its name around and is considered one of the best testing institutes for manual and automation testing training with its headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra. They even offer ISTQB training that we just discussed above.
Seed InfoTech makes sure you are not only trained for the course but also get you ready for mock-up interviews and placements. They now have more than 50 centres around India and are associated with 300+ companies.

5. Qspiders Software Testing Training Institute

Based at Bengaluru-India, Qspiders is a reputed name among people students and professionals seeking a testing training. They provide you with hard copy study materials along with training to improve your communication skills. And now it has centres in many other major metro cities in India.
Qspiders also claims to place its students in top MNC’s and help build a successful career.

6. STC Technologies

STC Technologies was established in the year 2000 at Chennai with a vision to provide world-class software testing training with its professional curriculum. All the study materials are based on the latest trends in the industry and by expert professionals.

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The institute also provides e-learning facility and has a perfect balance between theory and practical sessions. The course, Diploma in Software Testing, contains 3 modules with extensive practical experience.

7. QA Campus

Based at Delhi, QA Campus is a leading institute that provides certification courses in various IT Niches. With end-to-end SQA and software testing training solutions, we understand the requirements of the software industry that strive to impart the SQA skills required to succeed in an evolving market scenario.

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8. SQUAD Infotech

Established in Mumbai, SQUAD Infotech is known for its top-quality software testing courses and solid support with regard to placements. SQUAD Infotech provides a niche approach to the field of manual testing and automated testing with tools such as Selenium and JIRA so that students acquire practical skills relevant in real-life test cases.

The commitment of the institute in offering extensive assistance with regard to interview preparation and job placements makes it a reputable source for those looking forward to penetrating into the software testing realm.

9. MindScripts Technologies

Pune-based MindScripts Technologies has a reputation for its hands-on approach to software testing education. Mindscripts focus on hands-on training by offering courses that include manual testing, automation testing, and performance testing. The institutes emphasis on real- time projects provides students with great practical knowledge, by which the students become capable of facing challenges in the software testing industry.

10. TechnoScripts

TechnoScripts, based in Pune, is a leading institute to provide full-fledged software testing courses. TechnoScripts offers a curriculum that includes manual testing, automation testing using Selenium, and performance testing via JMeter which enables students to learn competencies required in the real world.

The emphasis on practical exposure through liveprojects helps build a comprehensive learning environment. TechnoScripts serves to equip students with a diverse array of roles within the software testing domain and thus, it is a good option.

Key points to consider when choosing a software testing institute:

1. Reputation and Accreditation:
● Investigate the institute’s standing in the industry.
● Determine accreditation by recognized bodies or affiliations with reputable organizations.

2. Course Content and Curriculum:
● Assess the adequacy and thoroughness of software testing courses.
● Make sure your curriculum includes both theoretical concepts and practical applications.

3. Faculty Expertise:
● Evaluate the faculty qualifications and experience.
● Find out whether the instructors have hands-on experience from industry in software testing.

4. Industry-Relevant Skills:
● Ensure that the institute provides skills which conform to modern market needs.
● Seek exposure to the newest testing tools and approaches.

5. Placement Assistance:
● Ask about the institute’s placement support and success percentages.
● Ensure that they render services such as resume writing, interview preparation and job placement.

6. Real-Time Project Exposure:
● Make certain the institute provides practical exposure through live projects.
● Learning software testing without practical knowledge is impossible.

7. Infrastructure and Facilities:
● Analyze the institute’s infrastructure with respect to computer laboratories and testing instruments.
● Good facilities create a favourable learning environment.

8. Reviews and Testimonials:
● Check out reviews and testimonials from previous students.
● Consider the comments on training effectiveness and post-course support.

9. Certification Recognition:
● Verify the recognition of certificates issued by the institute.
● Certifications should be accepted in the industry.

10. Cost and Value for Money:
● Assess the total cost of the training program.
● Evaluate the return on investment as regards to the quality of education and post- training services.

11. Flexible Learning Options:
● Make sure that the institute offers flexible studying conditions, such as distance education or evening classes.
● Flexibility can be crucial for people with other responsibilities.

12. Continuous Learning Support:
● Ask about follow-up support and resources for ongoing learning.
● A great institute should provide alumni with information on current trends in the industry.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when choosing a software testing institute that aligns with your career goals and ensures a valuable learning experience.

Recently, they brought forward the concept of Career Start Program (CSP) which was specially designed for fresher’s and IT aspirants. With more than 13 years of experience, this institute has achieved many milestones in the software testing industry and has helped several students to get placed at companies like Test Origen Pvt Ltd, Crystal Hues Pvt Ltd etc.

Certainly, after reading this blog, you are now familiar with the best software institutes in India. For more details, you can visit their websites to get a piece of detailed information about their courses and fees. Those who want to make a career in IT, but not into the development line, can look around for testing courses.

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But always keep in mind whatever certification you do, it should map to your experience. Even if you have an expert/advanced level certification at an initial stage of the career, but merely doing a course would not just guarantee better growth, both in terms of personal learning and professional aspirations.