Top 11 QA companies in India

Software testing or Quality Assurance is one of the most essential domains in the IT industry. Over the years, the domain has taken a new turn with a huge influence on the success of software or application.

This is helping in improving the business image and enhancing the quality of a project. The best thing is that it saves thousands of bucks to maintain or building the whole process or testing. To matter easier, there are a number of topmost companies that work specifically in the testing industry only. They provide cost-effective solutions to software with the best strategy to keep the top-notch quality.
Here is a list of top 11 companies that work in the testing domain to offer best services in India.
ISHIR’s Independent Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) services ensure that applications are vigorously examined using test methods with industry standards and QA processes. ISHIR has people and processes to build a test plan abroad for our clients. They follow rigorous testing procedures and standards and work in a structured environment that meets the Level 3 standards of SEI CMM. ISHIR offers a complete range of Software Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) services by maximizing the quality, performance, and availability of the software application while managing the costs and risks for our clients.
2. Testbytes
It is one of the biggest QA companies in Pune. The company is known as a community of software testers who are committed towards their profession and love to test bugs. The expertise of the company lies in App Testing for both Android and iOS. Along with this, Testbytes assures qualities of Web Apps together with automation testing, game testing, and desktop testing. With the best testing tool, the company ensures high software performance, utmost security, and functionality.
3. Resourcology
Another of the good testing company is Resourcology that deals in complying software development and testing cycle based on the concept of SDLC. In addition to this, the company covers testing of ERP, CRM, SAP, Web, and Mobile and all other types of Mainframe app. Their goal is to provide the best and error-free service to the customer ensuring that no errors are left. They also offer a trial form to ensure that the quality and solution is to the mark before signing the project.

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4. WebImprint
They are software testing Automation Company based in Mexico, India and Dubai. They provide quality management services and automated tests. They are also a solution provider for security testing, automation, acceptance testing, QA quality management system, validation testing, functional testing, performance testing, regression testing, system testing, integration testing and unit testing. They offer and guarantee faultless software at the customer’s end.
5. Mann India Technology
The Company is a Noida based QA  company that works with software development and is registered with the government as a private In addition to this, the company is famous for testing, development, design, on-time delivery, etc.

6. CresTech
CresTech is a leading software testing company with 300+ consultants spread across its delivery centers at Noida, Gurugram, Bangalore, Australia, and California in the US. It is an Independent company in the field of software testing to be assessed at CMMI Level 3 SVC. In addition, they work for test optimization, application performance, and transformation, application security, test automation, and mobile testing, etc.
7. Ironcode Gaming
This is the professional, creative and experienced company based in Dehradun. They deal in the development process of games and test off the product accurately. They work on different platforms such as Android, iOS, Window, Mac, and On top of that, the cross-platform is the main niche follow up by them and games are famous in the e-commerce market with Google Play, Amazon, Stream, Appstore, BigFish, AOL, Yahoo and Google. Their experts work in the direction of 2D/3D art, Game designing, Angkor, Riotball, Standing Game, etc. In addition to this, they follow the development concept to get the best service and work routine to follow up the testing and games.
8. Vyshnavi Information Technology
It is an international Information Technology Company rooted in the year 2001 with headoffice in Bangalore. The company has its development centers in Pune, the United States and Canada. . The company is a reputed firm for its Development, Design, testing, etc. Apart from Bangalore, the company also has offices in the US, Pune, and The main product for them is testing with a turn-key solution in the e-Governance, retail, mining, facilities, utility, etc. The firm is also famous as a product of Oracle Gold Partner and Microsoft Certified Gold Partner.

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9. Terstriq QA Lab
With more than 12 years of experience in the industry, Terstriq has managed to have a strong reputation in the market. Quality Assurance, Project Management, Requirement Analysis, Test Planning and Execution, Software Quality Consulting and so forth serving to a vast industry domain, in the field of e-commerce, tourism, education, real estate, telecommunication, and many related fields.
10. Krify-Innovations
For the game fanatic, this is the QA company that might be familiar with and works in the direction of localization and working domains. There are a number of different platforms on which the company works in such as Mobile applications, Web, Wearable app development etc. They have a team of professionals that work for in-house games as well that include designing, development, testing, promotion, and With the workplace at Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India the company has managed to gain huge popularity over time along with global establishment at Chigwell and UK.
11. T&A Solutions
It is the Chandigarh based QA company that deals in the testing and development phase. The company deals in Manufacturing, R&D, Industrial Engineering, and Information Technology & Telecommunications Media Process Industries, Entertainment & Advertisement, Banking & Financial Services, FMCG & Consumer Durables, Pharmaceuticals & Medicine, IT Enabled Services Consulting, Marketing, Textiles & Garments Industries, Human Resource Personnel, and Industrial Relations.

The company is well known for its amazing and effortful work in development and non-development work phase. They are one of the major companies that have a chain of top quality and quantity workflow with a valuable customer.
These are a few of the top qa companies in India that are having a huge impact on the market over time. However, they are now reaching the global market and time is not far when they will be able to witness the success all across the world.