Testing a Game Like PUBG: What to Consider?


Player Unknown Battlegrounds aka PUBG is everywhere nowadays. Millions of users are playing the game even while you are reading this blog.

It’s a huge online game and the company is frequently introducing features to make the battle royale game more interesting.
For these obvious reasons, Game Testing is absolutely necessary for the survival and continued success of the game.
The main purpose of game testing is to ensure that the game is appropriate. There is a number of predefined features and requirements that are tested in an application to ensure that an application is up to the mark.
However, when it comes to game testing such as PUBG then it is essential to be precise and follow up every single detail.
Difference between Regular Testing and Mobile Game Testing
In order to understand the whole concept of mobile game testing such as PUBG, one must understand how it differs from regular testing.

The first and foremost difference between the both is strategies and impact of software. The regular mobile application, have a limited number of features and users have to go through them only.
But when it comes to mobile games, they can be unpredictable. The whole game will depend on what route a user is following that can be different from the one tested.
This behavior of a user impacts the game on a huge level. However, the major point to keep in mind is to ensure that the game is easy to interact.
In addition to this, you need to work on the complex part where user influence can take part. However, the game like PUBG works on player’s behavior only. It will depend on the course a player is moving toward that will change the whole concept.
Hence, you need to be more careful with it.
Different Part to Test in PUBG
When it comes to mobile phone games, you need to set things as per the priorities. Especially, with PUBG where there are so many feature to cover. You can prioritize them in order to have a proper game test. Here is a list of features to add on to your priority list.
1. Graphics Performance
You need to ensure that all the graphics are up to the mark in your game. The mobile games similar to PUBG will have high graphics and since it works in real time, it might be difficult to be abreast with the environment and every single player. Hence, you need to ensure that it is smooth and is extremely responsive. A game with graphics issue can be slow or might crashes a lot.
In order to test the graphics of a game, stress testing technique is used. Hence, one can know the actual speed or performance of a game in mobile phones.
There are several tools that can be used to check on stress or graphics of a game. This will give you an idea about the flaws of a game and also analyze its working in the real environment. It will also give you an idea of the traffic workload and how it will work under extreme stress.
2. Social Media Integration
Another the essential feature of a mobile game is its connection to social media accounts. This feature is covered up in different gaming application including PUBG.

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If anything, it is for the success of that particular game only in this digital world. Every single thing in the current world depends on social media.
Hence, it becomes essential to be updated with social media to ensure that a maximum of people is connected with each other.
In addition to this, it can be taken up as a marketing strategy as well. There are so many games such as Candy Crush Saga that is popular due to the integrated form of social media. Hence, this is one of the essential features to test while checking up on the list.
3. Game functionality and User Interface
Another of the essential feature to keep in mind is the UI of the game. People are attracted to a particular game due to its amazing User Interface. Hence, it is essential to keep in the priority list.
Also, the functionality and how it is reacting when a user changes its course is another factor that will set up mobile phone priority.
Is the resolution of a game perfectly?
Do you think that games will be satisfied with these features?
Are all the features to mark irrespective of player’s behavior?
These are some of the crucial aspects to keep in mind when it comes to the game like PUBG.
Also, one must know what the function and structure represent to check on the screen orientation and layout. It is the not to be missed part of this whole checklist.
4. Multiplayer
PUBG is a multiplayer game that works together in a real-time environment. Here players compete with other real players on a single platform.
app testing
They can be their family or friends making a game success. However, if the real-time part of this whole setup is not working up then you can know the disaster it will have for a game.
Hence, multiplayer functionality must be kept in mind if you are testing something similar to PUBG.
The worst part about multiplayer work is that is can be a daunting task to get the hang of it. There is simply so much to cover up with you is testing an application for more than one player at a time.
The same interference in real-time for players setup is a challenge that one has to go through. On top of that, the data is exchanged between a server and a device that makes it even more challenging.
In such case, you need to work on the server to ensure that it can work for the whole setup without a hitch.
Different Type of Testing Used for Game
1. Sound Testing
PUBG have a feature where a team of players working against others can easily communicate through messages and voice.
On top of that, the gunshot, walking, running, etc. type of sounds are amazingly instilled in the application.
When it comes to checking on these features, then it can be difficult. Hence, one must have an idea about file loading, distortion errors, analyzing CC profilers, color commentary, etc.
2. Compliance or Conformance Testing
Yes, this is one of the most essential types of testing when it comes to games. It requires a proper workflow in terms of compliance.
Also, there are a few things that are prohibited by stores that make it essential to keep a track of them.
Hence, while performing this testing, one has to keep an eye for the content that might be against guidelines. It is to ensure that any inappropriate content is not affecting the rating of a website.
3. Functional Testing
This type of testing is mainly to understand the functions of the whole game. It will give an insight on different functions on the generic level of a game.
It will cover the graphics, interface, and features of an application. There are several issues that can be found through this testing such as stability, mechanic, user-friendly, user interface, etc.
4. Soak Testing
In this testing, one can come out with a mode that is used in operation of a game. It will give a running of a game in the prolonged period.
This basically explains the rounding errors or memory leak type of errors in an application that can end up with crashing the whole game.
5. Performance Testing
It is one of the most essential types of testing that is used in a game. It will give an insight into the optimization of the game in terms of speed.
Also, one can work on the performance of a game to get the response time, transaction time, network coverage, peak load performance, low battery, memory leakage, longevity, application download, low memory, etc.
In addition to this, it will also cover network connectivity, memory and processor constraints, graphics consumption, etc.
Adaptive Technology Assistive Gaming
This type of testing technique will include the whole accessibility format of a game. It is mainly due to the features that will have several features added to it such as blurred vision, low vision, blindness, etc.
These disabilities are added in the list with the other such as cognitive, hearing, speech, colour and even mobility impairments.
In such modes, there are many games that have to ensure to add features to the people that are challenged in terms of visual. Hence, if a game has such features it is essential for a tester to watch out for testing methods for these such as visual data, colour, gaming dimensions, etc.
Game Testing Risks
Yes, with work comes challenges and things that we must steer clear off. Here, are few of the topmost risks:

  • No player-centric design
  • No compelling expiring that might be difficult for gamers to play
  • Missing out of gameplay features
  • No fast-paced, competitive and unique part of the game
  • Over budget gaming development
  • Failure concerning critical bugs, technical issues, poor video, music sound an even broken features
  • Simple aesthetic design.

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