12 Software Testing Conferences You Should Not Avoid in 2019

software testing conference

Several questions surface when people hear about a Software Testing Conference.
Some of the obvious ones are listed below

  • How can the conference benefit you and your career goals?
  • Is it going to be like those boring lectures that will go for around 4 long days? How will I keep my eyes open during the session and prevent my mind from falling asleep?
  • Is it going to be an exhilarating one?
  • How will it add value to my career?

Being dubious can be one of the reason. Some will say that tare sometimes times awfully boring. However, excuses are not an option for these 12 awesome conferences.
Before we jump into the list. let’s have an idea about the essentiality of such conferences.
Why attend the Software Testing Conference?

  • It is a great chance for you to complete your goals on a professional
  • You will get a new idea by allowing to brainstorm your mind. It will give you an opportunity to come up with something more innovative and improved form of an existing process. Also, it is possible that you might solve an ever-going process.
  • It helps you to get in touch with the latest advancement in technology or new evolution that you might be unaware about.
  • A software tester gets ample opportunity to test their techniques and skills for testing.
  • It is a chance for tested to interact and get in touch with leading personalities. Also, it is a great platform to enhance the networking on the professional end.
  • It is a platform where a person can get recognition
  • It is a great platform to exchange thoughts, experience, ideas and even learning something from others.

Received a Conference opportunity? Get the list checked beforehand
Throughout the year, almost every month, there are so many software testing conferences that take place.
However, before you get your registration done or even plan on going to one such conference, you need to make sure that the conference is the right one for you as an organization and individual.
So, out these points before you pack your bags;

  • Do your homework and understand what the conference is all about from the respective website.
  • Check on all the details related to the conference including schedule, topics, programs, ideas, etc. You need to know that fundamental of the conference before you get started with the registration process. In addition to this, it is possible that the conference will need pre-requisites.
  • Know your speaker and what they are known for. What are their inventions or finding?
  • Is the venue feasible enough to stay and have a comfortable conference?

Once these points are cleared, then get started with your conference registration on the respective website itself.
Software Testing Conference 2019
If you are looking for the latest Software Testing conference list to attend in 2019, then here it is.

  1. January 15-18 2019, Software Quality Days, Vienna, Austria

The conference is about the challenges and complexities of the testing domains.
This fabulous competition mainly focuses on cloud-based applications.
The minimal cost of the conference is $776 which will be attended by developers, managers, software testers, etc. to add some latest services and tools.

  1. February 4-6 2019, AutomationGuild Online Conference

This is an online conference that will cost $197 for a single person. This whole conference will move around the automation testing conference.
On top of that, there is no restriction for the person who wants to attend the conference.
You can attend the free and can attain an opportunity for a lifetime access.

  1. March 11-12 2019, UK STAR Software Testing Conference, London

The conference is said to be annual.
However, this international conference has a specific motto to solve the diverse issue that is surrounding the testing world.
In addition to this, even developers can get a lot of help from this conference.

Video Courtesy: Eurostar Testing Conference

  1. April 28 – May 3, 2019, STAREAST Software Testing Conference, Orlando, Florida

The event will take place in Florida at a minimal price of $2895 that will cover exploratory testing, security testing, testing strategy, etc.
It is a great opportunity to get in touch with many quality engineers, test managers, developers, software testes that will get indulge in strategies and techniques.

  1. May 29-31 2019, Nordic Testing Days (NTD), Tallinn, Estonia

The registration of this event is already closed and the waiting list is also almost full.
However, if you still wish to get in waiting list then simply send an email with a request to registration@nordictestingdays.eu.The conference will educate tester about the strengths of this field along with the community.
Since registration is closed, the event will be attended by topmost software testers that have years of experience.
They will be joined in by some fresher’s that are starting their career in testing.
It is all about sharing experience and knowledge including the failure and success story to inspire fresh minds.

  1. June 12-14 2019, Romanian Testing Conference, Grand Hotel Italia, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The conference is covering many topics that are related to the challenges, experience, ideas, strategies, techniques, and development of a software.
The new implementation in the testing world will also take place at the conference.
Along with this, everyone is free to send out a video with their experience on it. There is Google form option available for sharing entries.

  1. May 23-24 2019, TestBash, Utrecht, Netherlands

The details of the tickets are not available anywhere.
In case, an individual is interested to enroll their name for the conference then they have to get in touch with them.
The whole aim of the conference is set on the software testing that including different modules.
This event will be attended by many managers, developers, designers, testers, etc.

  1. April 23-25 2019, SauceCon, Austin

The conference is set out for a total of two days along with a workshop.
The entire focus of the event will be on different topics such as advanced selenium, automation testing, mobile application testing, and parallel testing.
There are many other topics covered by the people. Many experts of automation testing will join in the event to improve their knowledge and skills about the automation testing.
It is the chance to join in with them to improve the skills and learn.

  1. April 18-19 2019, SelenlumConf, Funabori, Tokyo, Japan

This whole conference is based on the inspiration lectures and workshops in which Selenium training will be presented in detail.
The conference will be graced by the top automation professionals that will meet the testers of the community in an active manner.
However, the details on the ticket are not out yet so you must visit the site for more updates.

  1. April 3, 2019, TestBash Essentials, Utrecht, Brighton, England

The short conference is the main one that will allow the professionals to share their experience, ideas, and knowledge with others.
This whole conference will be attended by the testers, developers, managers, and designers that will focus on the testing knowledge that will be shared by finest minds.
However, no expert will be available at the conference.

  1. 28th Feb-1st March 2019, Testing in Context Conference Australia (TiCCA), Melbourne, Australia

The active community is not the focused part of a conference every day.
In Melbourne, the conference that will be attended by students, managers, software testers, researchers, developers, practitioners, scholars, and the list goes on.
However, the main motto of this whole conference is to give an opportunity to every single individual to learn different things by interacting with other and share ideas.

You never know who will leave you inspired for a lifelong.

  1. February 14-15 2019, European Testing Conference, Valencia, Spain

The event will take place in the mid of February with the price of $984.
This conference is targeting the art of testing. It is a huge opportunity to listen to the practitioners and experts on what makes them different and known.
On top of that, there will be professionals joining in the conference that gives an opportunity to get in touch and learn more about the technical field.
Then, there will be the testing practices that allow testing a certain module. It is a chance to see how programmers and testers visualize things.