How to Become a PlayStation 4 Beta Tester: Sign up process

playstation 4 beta tester

PlayStation 4 Beta Tester sign-up process is simple. First of all, those who wish to be a part of the program must understand that there are two processes available at the moment

  • Private beta test program
  • Open beta test program

Private beta test program

Public beta test program

Meant for product quality

Helps in product quality as well as marketing

Happens inside a closed group

A large group of people located at nook and corner of the world takes part in the process

Fixed time

Does not have a fixed time

The tester must know about the demographics specificity of the product

No such requirement

Varied remuneration based on tester expertise

No payment involved

Staged recruit

Direct access

Takes place secretly

The program will be publicly announced

before you sign up, have a look at their privacy policy in detail

1. Beta Product

The Licensor provides you the beta software, documentation, and access to the beta test program. Your participation in the Beta Product is subject to your agreement to their terms.

The Licensor holds the power to terminate your access to the Beta Product at any time without prior notice. You must take responsibility for the Beta Product and take reasonable efforts to prevent others from accessing it without your knowledge or permission.

You are solely responsible for any loss or damage to your Beta Product or to the Licensor’s intellectual property rights caused by the disclosure of the Beta Product.

In case you learn that the Beta Product that has been offered to you has been either distributed or transferred to a third party, it is your responsibility to immediately notify the Licensor. You must ensure to assist in the recovery of the same so that the Beta Product can be prevented from any further loss or disclosure.

  • License: On installing the Beta Product, the Licensor issues you a limited, non-exclusive license for your personal use. For the PlayStation4 Beta Products, the Licensor even grants you a limited, non-exclusive license to use the Share button. This allows you to stream or replicate the audio and video output of the Beta Products to third-party services supported by the PlayStation4 system. This limited license, which is non-exclusive in nature includes the permission to record portions of the content of Beta Product to the PlayStation4 system and to access the tools within the system to edit the said recordings. Rights that are reserved for the Licensor, are not explicitly granted to the Beta Tester under this license. An example of these is the rights to all intellectual property that are contained within the Beta Product.

This license doesn’t involve the right to, and you agree not to perform the following actions –

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[a] Lease, rent or sublicense the Beta Product or make it available on a network to other users;

[b] Modify, translate, reverse engineer and disassemble the Beta Product;

[c] Create works that are derivative from the Beta Product;

[d] Copy or broadcast the Beta Product in an unauthorized manner.

  • User-Generated Content: You might have the option to create, post, stream, transmit and offer content such as pictures, photographs, game related materials, or other information through the Beta Product.
  • You acknowledge that you have received the license of the rights in your user material from the Licensor, who if he/she so wishes may further sublicense its right to your User Material to a third party. You are required to waive, to the extent permitted by law, all claims, involving any moral rights, rights of publicity or rights that are patrimonial, against Licensor and its affiliates or any third party that uses your User Material through the Licensor, by creating, streaming offering or transmitting licensor any User Material, you represent and warrant that your User Material doesn’t infringe on the intellectual property.
  • Updates and Online Server Support: This Agreement applies to Beta Product updates, involving all content that is downloadable for the Beta Product. Through automatic update or otherwise, modification of the Beta Product can happen at any time and for any specific reason. If the Beta Product is relying on online servers, Licensor will not have any commitment to make the servers available at any time.
  • Miscellaneous: This Agreement is interpreted and constructed in accord with the laws of the State of California applying to contracts, that is fully executed and even performed within the State of same. In case Section 9’s binding arbitration terms are unenforceable on any specific dispute, both parties involved are required to submit to personal jurisdiction under the Californian Law. Additionally, they are also required to agree that any dispute between them, shall be taken to a court under the jurisdiction of the San Mateo County, California. In situations where, any provision of this Agreement is conducted invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, that specific provision will be modified to the minimum extent vital to make it valid, and the validity and enforceability of all other provisions of this Agreement shall continue to remain unaffected.

There are some clear advantages and benefits to be a beta tester. The last advantage is that you get to have an early look at all of the interesting and fresh new features that will come with the PlayStation 4 v5.5 firmware update. The previous year, beta testers for the v5.0 update got a sneak peek at the new features, like the enhancements for Twitch streaming on PS Pro platforms, updates to Family account to Family account management settings. In addition to being privy to the plans Sony has for the next big update, beta testers are also awarded an exclusive PSN avatar.

If you determine to be a beta tester for Sony, and you end up hating certain aspects of the new firmware update, don’t worry; beta testers have that capability to “roll back” their firmware to previous versions. Another advantage is that successful beta testers can select to be registered automatically for the next round of console testing.

At present, nobody is certain about the exact features that are to be the highlight of the latest firmware update, or which of the PlayStation application and games will be improved. However, if you are very curious regarding beta testing and you meet all of the needs set out by Sony which are mentioned above, it might be worth your while to give it a shot.

How to Become a PS4 Software Beta Tester?

The first step to becoming a PS4 Software Beta Tester is signing up for the Play Station 4 System Software Beta. Given below are the steps that can help you to do so.

1. Visit the Sony’s official website page where you can sign up as a PS4 software beta tester.

2. Sign-In with the E-mail address that you have given when you created your Sony Entertainment Account and the password of your Sony Entertainment Account.

3. Click on “Sign in” and you will be led to the Enrolment Form

4. Read the Private Beta Trial Agreement and, click yes

5. Finally, click on “Submit”

Not sure if you should take the plunge? Well, there are some things to bear in mind before you sign up:

1. Places are limited. Sony might have opened their gates to more testers, but it’s not allowing everyone to jump in and experience the new beta firmware all at once.

It is open only to the PS4 master accounts. No sub-accounts are eligible to take part.

2. The PS4 should be supported by an active Internet connection. This is because Sony will not be distributing the beta firmware as a downloadable file from its website.

3. It is advisable that you do not install the beta firmware, especially for the safety of your saved games and/or installed software. The instability of the beat firmware might lead you to experience odd quirks while using your PS4.

4. You can always roll back to a previous version of the firmware if you are unsure of staying in the beta.

On a central portal, an open invitation for beta testers was declared. Sony has earlier opened up early versions of their system updates to beta testers, but one basic difference this year is that testing is now open to Canadian gamers.

Previously, beta testing was exclusively available to individuals residing in the United States. Sony is even about to extend beta testing to gamers in Japan, but applications for this region are not yet available.

If the prospect of becoming a beta tester for the new system update for the PlayStation interests you, there are just a few primary things you require. The initial requirement is obviously that you have to already own a PlayStation 4.

You even require to have a stable internet connection, as well as a Sony Entertainment Network or PlayStation Network account. It’s even compulsory that all beta testers are at least eighteen years of age.

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Sign up process to be become a play station beta tester

By downloading the game you are agreeing to license and privacy terms and you can read more about here

How to get enrolled in the beta program/ Sign-up process for the beta program?

Access the link mentioned above and go through their privacy policy and terms. If you agree, you have to click the agree button on the registration page

Playstation beta tester registration form

Once you agree you will be asked certain questions 

playstation reg process

  • Once you submit, your approval request will be reviewed by Sony 
  • You will be notified via mail once you get the approval

Points to remember

  • Chances of your profile getting approved for the program is very less because Sony is only accommodating very limited beta users
  • You must have a PS master account