“My mind-mapping technique helped in identifying the requirement and create a test scenario to automate the scripts, which was also helpful to coach my team about the whole setup”

Parveenbanu Abdulhameed
Risk-based testing also means having an idea about what to test, How to test and in what order to test. Do you agree? Do you think that risk-based testing is the next big thing?

Ans: Yes test has to be executed based on the risk priority. It is important to have risk analysis in each phase of the project in order to identify the dependencies and assumptions, to me Risk Analysis is a big thing and it should start from the requirement phase itself to avoid the late changes in requirements of projects

Testing happens in a chaotic environment. Having a peaceful mind is absolutely necessary to work efficiently. What’s the best way to achieve it?

Ans: It is important to have peace of mind when it comes to working despite any field that you are in. The best way to achieve it is through acceptance. You need to understand that there are some things that are beyond your control. Understand and act accordingly.

As a QA lead what’s that one thing that you find challenging?

Testing software with limited knowledge available about a project or a product is something I find challenging. I will tell you an incident which I personally find challenging as well as proud of. I was once deployed on a project as a replacement. There was no documentation about the previous tests and I had to deal with someone who is reluctant to share information. What I did was, I plotted with whatever meager data that was offered to me in the form of mind mapping. Later I would work on it and would link everything with the screenshots I took from the project. As a result, I was able to create a new document for me and the team. The document explained the ultimate goal of the project easily.
Whenever I had doubts popped up in me, I cleared it right away. My mind-mapping technique also helped me to identify the requirement and create a test scenario to automate the scripts, which was also helpful to coach my team about the whole setup.
The project was a huge success.

Do you think that testers should prove their value to customers beyond test cases? At the end of the day, it’s all about finding issues that might disrupt the smooth running of the product in the market. Do you agree?

In my experience testers create test cases, test scripts and other test-related documentation with only the short-term view in mind, there is no detailed documentation about the test and testing
I always use mind mapping which helps me to identify my requirements and define my test cases and test approach. This helps me think beyond test cases and find issues that are not defined in test cases

Companies are nowadays hiring remote testers in huge numbers? Do you think that it’s healthy to practice?

Advantage :
Many people work best in their own space, with peace and quiet.
Working remotely allows employees to spend less time and money traveling to the office, which saves a lot of money
Also, for the present situation for which the country is facing,  this is the best way to work and collaborate with different teams. You can always find the best talent to get the job done, no matter where they’re located.
It is hard to build the company culture, communication and Collaboration will be harder but you can always invite them weekly one day to meet the team Or do video conferencing, etc
However, disadvantages cannot rule out the fact that a diverse talent pool can only be created using remote testers. Getting stuck with an inefficient team is the worst thing that can happen to any project.