A Free event

management platform exclusively for QA

Software testing Events, online or in real is a daunting task. Well, not anymore! Testbytes is offering a free platform in both web and mobile to host, manage and market your events from anywhere in the world

Easy to use

The app design offer high UX (user experience) compared to to others.


The app is fully compliant to all GDPR and as well as data protection norms.


Events creation and management can be done flawlessly.


Share events on social media for maximum engagement.

What makes our free event management app apt for QA conferences!

  • Detailed event listing and shareable options
  • Track users who are interested in attending your event
  • Ticket management module
  • Voucher management module
  • Adaptive event listing to ensure maximum user engagement
  • Impeccable user management system
  • Manage all your event in one centralised system
  • Events that are meant to recur event can be duplicated in a jiffy
  • Integrated social media for better marketing
  • Leverage the 50,000+ monthly traffic of testbytes in your favour
  • Sent personalised/push notifications to users
  • Analytical data visualisation for better insight gathering

Our mobile counterpart

For the users to make use of the full potential of the app we have created an iOS and Android version of the app just for you!

Huge list of events that is adaptive to user

To make sure that your event reach the right audience we have made sure that the events are arranged for every user based on their location or choice of interests ( if the visitor decided to become a user after registration)

Our App Flow

Objectively deliver professional value with diverse web-readiness. Collaboratively transition wireless customer service without goal-oriented catalysts for change. Collaboratively.

Why the hustle of being an entity?

We created the entity section just to get rid of the tedious work of managing many events at once. If an entity is present, you get to categorise and track, edit, update multiple events with ease.

User has the utmost authority in their data. So our app is GDPR compliant!

Data has godly power at present! And it has to be treated the same. We firmly believe that it belongs to the user and apart from the improving UX (user experience), data should not be used in any manner without consent. That’s the exact reason why we have made our mobile and web app GDPR compliant

Showcase your event in a medium where thousands visits monthly!

Instead of spending a fortune by adding sophisticated modules we are offering free modules in our event management app that can be used to manage your events with ease

Modules incorporated in our app

The all in one QA event management solution

Managing an offline venue-based event is a pill for distress and chaos. What we are trying to do here is to ease the process as well as offering a platform that’s will make your event more visible than it used to be

  • Create and manage offline events with efficiency from anywhere in this world.
  • Event management apps at present are hefty in cost. We made this app free so that our vision of making quality around the globe a habit can be fulfilled.
  • Marketing has of utmost importance when it comes to promoting any event. Our monthly traffic is more than 50k and it’s climbing. Those who list their event with us can make use of it. And, We have also integrated social media sharing option for better visibility.
  • Photos speak in volume and they are one of the best ways to prove credibility. Manage an attractive gallery and update them upon wish.
  • Intuitive side menu option in the app that will help you access events and related information in a jiffy based on your preferences
  • Detailed notification management so that you can decide how you wish to be notified.
  • Do not wish to repeatedly add data for an existing event, you can copy info from the past event and add it to the new one with ease.
  • A detailed tracking for updating the information you wish to.
  • If you wish to channel them to your website, we have provisions for that too.