Test Automation and Digital QA Summit Philadelphia, USA

Test Automation and Digital QA Summit Philadelphia

The event is organized on 24th April 2021 in Philadelphia. Speakers from the biggest firms are collaborating for this event to discuss trends, innovations, and challenges in the field of software testing. The audience of the conference will primarily be QA leads, managers, strategists and software developers. This conference is for all the people who are passionate about automation testing and quality assurance. The main speakers of the event are “Jay Newlin”, “Lagan Khare”, “Srikanth Ramachandran” and “Dhruv Malik”. A topic which will be covered in this event is “Trends in Test Automation: Framework, Cloud and Scripting”, “Integrating Automated Testing into DevOps and Agile”, “Service Virtualisation Testing: The Challenges you need to overcome”, “How effective is your Test Automation Scripting?” and “Digital Transformation in Quality Assurance – Following the Change in QA”. To buy the tickets click here.