Test Automation and Digital QA Summit 2021

Test Automation and Digital QA Summit 2020

The event is organized in Newark, the USA on 28th April. It will run for a duration of 1 day. All over globe test automation professionals will come together for this conference. The main topics of discussion will be test automation, agility in testing, BDD practices in testing and other new emerging trends in software testing. Best practices of culture, technology and business strategy will be discussed in the event. You can know more about the program here. So, if you want to enlighten yourself with the trends which are ongoing in the field of software testing, don’t forget to attend the conference in Paris. Some of the keynote speakers are “Michael Grater”, “Monika Budhiraja”, “Adam Sandman” and “Prabhu Panchaksharam”. Topics of the conference are “Test Automation in Digital World – Leveraging Analytics and Intelligent Testing”, “Testing Today’s Application – Test Automation Tools you can use”, “Mobility Assurance through Automation” and “Automating Load and Performance Testing”.