SoCraTes 2021 – 10th International Conference for Software Craft and Testing Soltau

SoCraTes 2020 - 10th International Conference for Software Craft and Testing, Germany

The 10th international Software Craft and Testing Conference is an all-inclusive get-together for the software lovers. It is a call to all the people who love testing, coding, software craft, code quality, etc. the main focus of this conference is to stress of development of useful software in a responsible manner. It is a non-profit, low-cost event effort by German-speaking Software Craft groups or Softwerkskammer groups. It will be a 48 hours event including exceedingly joint communications, practical coding sessions, discussion-based sessions, interactive talks, etc. And to your shock it is not just about coding, software development, and software discussions, it is a lot more with fun-filled nights with many games and dance with your fellow software developers.