International Conference on Software Metrics and Quality Management

Leading academic scientists, experts, and testers will present their views, result, and findings on various aspects of fo software testing metrics.
Selected papers that will be presented in the event include,

  1. Research Trends on Magnetic Graphene for Water Treatment: A Bibliometric Analysis
    J. C. M. Santos, J. C. A. Sousa, A. J. Rubio, L. S. Soletti, F. Gasparotto, N. U. Yamaguchi
    2. A Domain Specific Modeling Language Semantic Model for Artefact Orientation
    Bunakiye R. Japheth, Ogude U. Cyril
    3. Bibliometric Analysis of the Research Progress on Graphene Inks from 2008 to 2018
    Jean C. A. Sousa, Julio Cesar Maciel Santos, Andressa J. Rubio, Edneia A. S. Paccola, Natália U. Yamaguchi
    4. A 1H NMR-Linked PCR Modelling Strategy for Tracking the Fatty Acid Sources of Aldehydic Lipid Oxidation Products in Culinary Oils Exposed to Simulated Shallow-Frying Episodes
    Martin Grootveld, Benita Percival, Sarah Moumtaz, Kerry L. Grootveld
    5. Eye Tracking: Biometric Evaluations of Instructional Materials for Improved Learning
    Janet Holland
    6. Socio-Technical Systems: Transforming Theory into Practice
    L. Ngowi, N. H. Mvungi
    7. Knowledge Representation and Inconsistency Reasoning of Class Diagram Maintenance in Big Data
    Chi-Lun Liu
    8. Landscape Pattern Evolution and Optimization Strategy in Wuhan Urban Development Zone, China
    Feng Yue, Fei Dai
    9. Map Matching Performance under Various Similarity Metrics for Heterogeneous Robot Teams
    M. C. Akay, A. Aybakan, H. Temeltas
    10. Comparison of Real-Time PCR and FTIR with Chemometrics Technique in Analysing Halal Supplement Capsules
    Mohd Sukri Hassan, Ahlam Inayatullah Badrul Munir, M. Husaini A. Rahman
    11. A Multi-Objective Methodology for Selecting Lean Initiatives in Modular Construction Companies
    Saba Shams Bidhendi, Steven Goh, Andrew Wandel
    12. Automated User Story Driven Approach for Web-Based Functional Testing
    Mahawish Masud, Muhammad Iqbal, M. U. Khan, Farooque Azam
    13. Impact Analysis Based on Change Requirement Traceability in Object-Oriented Software Systems
    Sunil Tumkur Dakshinamurthy, Mamootil Zachariah Kurian
    14. A Comparative Analysis of Artificial Neural Network and Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average Model on Modeling and Forecasting Exchange Rate
    Mogari I. Rapoo, Diteboho Xaba
    15. Examining the Performance of Three Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms Based on Benchmarking Problems
    Konstantinos Metaxiotis, Konstantinos Liagkourasa