Automation Guild 2021

The main motto behind the event is to present ideas and techniques that can increase the success rate of test automation. The main events of Automation guild are,
Day 1

  • Modeling Methods for Automation in Testing – Jim Hazen
  • Keeping your Continuous Test Automation Valuable Continuously – Eran Kinsbruner
  • Fullstack acceptance testing with Serenity/JS 2.0 – Jan Molak
    a Testing Framework with WebdriverIO – Larry Goddard
  • Oxygen IDE: A Breath of Fresh Air – Angie Jones
  • blockchain Applications and How to Test Them – Rhian Lewis
  • How to Start Testing with Python – Andrew Knight
  • Roundtable Day 1 – Ben Johnson Ward, Greg Paskal, Corina Pip

Day 2

  • Big data 101 and the Importance of Automation – Ali Khalid
  • Contract Testing: Beyond Functional API tests – Gaurav Singh
  • Things You Didn’t Know You Could Automate – Noemi Ferrera
  • Automation Test Strategy and Design for Agile Teams – Sudhrity Mondal
  • Grow Your Automation Toolkit: Because when all you have is a hammer… – João Farias
  • Creating a Pipeline for Success – Bijoya Chatterjee
  • Roundtable Day 2 – Guljeet Nagpaul, Tariq King, Raghav Pal

Day 3

  • Writing Maintainable Test code with Selenium, Spock, and a few sparkles – Viktoriia Kuznetsova
  • Automated Testing Stability with Cloud Solutions – Michelle Xie
  • TestNG A Powerful Test Framework – Rex Jones
  • PyTest: The Awesome Parts – Josh Grant
  • Look Inside the Box for Better UI tests – Satyajit Malugu
  • Taking Care Of Business – The Ugly Part Of
    Automation – Paul Grizzaffi
  • Roundtable Day 3 – Praveen Umanath, Alan Richardson, Nikolay Advolodkin

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