Globalize your App/Software with Localization Testing

Testbytes localization testing services will give you a detailed report regarding the factors that are hindering your app/software to get that global acceptance

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Why does your app/software need localization testing?

  • Localization is the capability of an app/software to adapt to the various cultural, religious sentiments, linguistics variances, and geographic differences of specific regions.
  • Imagine that you have created an app that can be used by people all over the world. But do you think it will be surface in countries which do not know or even not familiar to the language that your app speak?
  • Forget about language, would anybody even care to use an app that’s not personalized to their various social and cultural preferences?
  • In such a situation you need localization before that dream launch. To make sure that everything is working according to the requirement and specification you need localization testing as a validation methodology.
  • Since risk-free business is nowadays needed the most, testing is the safest and the most efficient option available in front of you.

Why we should be considered in localization testing?

  • Experienced community of testers and users who can perform extensive testing
  • Optimized strategy for maximum coverage
  • We have experts to perform testing on both web and mobile apps
  • In-house testers and remote testers
  • Comparatively lower in cost compared to others
  • No compromise the quality of the work that we do under any circumstances
  • Tests around the clock so that you can meet deadlines with ease
  • Up-to-date testing lab

You wish to know how much will it cost to test your app?

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What kind of localization testing do we perform?

  • Ensures the functionality can meet the standard of the targeted environment
  • Testing every aspect of the menu and check whether it’s aligned with the geographical preferences
  • We can check whether the face of your company (website) culturally and linguistically appropriate to specific regions
  • Perform content check to fish out errors, language style and inappropriate content
  • UX check to ensure maximum customer engagement
  • Experts to analyse proper translation is taking place and it’s on par with standards

Our testing process

  • 1

    Conduct project analysis
  • 2

    Create a test plan
  • 3

    Define what kind of testing is required and how it will be performed
  • 4

    Develop specific project-oriented team
  • 5

    Set up a test environment
  • 6

    Conduct testing
  • 7

    Analysis of bugs and how affecting the software
  • 8

    Proper documentation of the process

5 Steps
that will make your
app/software earn that 5 star review

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  • 2 Our business analyst will get back to you for a proper discussion
  • 3 A proportion will be put forward by us based on the discussion
  • 4 If it’s fine, we will move on to testing your app
  • 5 A detailed report will be delivered to you shortly