Yes sure of course we can do that. Since multiple testing requires testers of different skill sets, testers might change. However, there will be always a dedicated tester allocated to you for the designated time frame

Absolutely! However, we need some assistance from your Android programmer so that we could dig deep into the issue.

Oh yes, we can. We have experienced testers to find issues in your app’s functional workflow.

Daily, weekly, or monthly it’s entirely up to your specification

Manual testing does cover the entire application. However, certain test cases need to be automated to save time. If the time is limited automation testing can be a savior.

We can test with your app with all the major devices present in the market

esting validates specification of any app. It will also make sure that the app is in pristine condition and can withstand any adverse condition.

Talk to our business expert executive to get a better understanding about the number of testers you have to hire and what would be time frame with respect to number of testers

You can hire testers based on your budget. For instance, if you wish to hire just 2 testers you can contact us for that. If you wish to hire more testers for testing a complex app or a big one that’s ok too

Various factors go into the cost estimation of apps. So we have created a test cost calculator for you so that you can get an estimate about how much will it cost to test your app

  • Saves your valuable time from maintaining a team, buying resources etc.
  • Well designed techniques and methodologies
  • Efficient testing and bug tracking
  • Cost is less compared to that of in-house testing team
  • Easier and streamlined communication
  • Precise and reliable test data
  • Lot’s of hidden issues can be revealed
  • Accurate result on issues related to battery, incoming alert issues, display issues, memory issues etc
  • Rough performance testing can be performed
  • Functionality testing to check all the features and functionalities are working properly
  • Usability testing to measure the user experience
  • Interface testing to check the app, web and the database server
  • To check whether there is any issue with the database and its response we perform database testing
  • Compatibility testing to ensure the web apps working fine on multiple devices
  • Performance testing to evaluate how the website is holding up under various load conditions
  • Security testing to ensure that there is no loose ends
  • We concentrate a lot on cross-browser compatibility testing
  • We always test web services independently
  • We always make sure that right criterion is chosen for usability testing
  • We scale the load tests incrementally
  • Mostly we don’t go for complex tests
  • We always trim down our code, reuse and reorganise it properly
  • We runs tests in parallel
  • When unit tests makes the refactoring harder we rely on acceptance-level test
  • We always make sure that our tests fails to find out what went wrong
  • We thoroughly test the API
  • We have created a system that will record the behaviour of the app to study anomalies
  • Helps in find out how well the users can use the app
  • To measure the satisfaction level of users
  • To measure the engagement level of users
  • To check whether the app has met usability goals
  • Requirement gathering -> Test Plan -> Test design and review -> Test case preparation -> Test execution -> Bug reporting -> Software release
  • Identify the testing environment we are working on
  • We make sure that we always identify the performance metrics
  • We plan and design tests carefully
  • Once planning is done we implement the test design immediately
  • We conduct multiple performance tests
  • Each units are tested separately
  • We don’t always stick to the test parameters
  • Combinatorial testing
  • Clean room testing
  • Functionality testing
  • Tree testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Regression testing
  • Ad-hoc testing
  • Play testing


  • Experienced testers
  • A large online testing community for beta testing
  • High data security
  • Cost-effective packages
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Dedicated communication experts
  • Both ios and android
  • Native, hybrid and web apps
  • Games, business, education, lifestyle, entertainment, utilities, travel, book, health and fitness, food and drink
  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Telecom
  • Human resources
  • Gaming industry
  • Communication and media entertainment
  • Online dating industry
  • In-depth analysis of the app
  • Specifics of the app will be defined in the first stage itself
  • Use real devices as much as possible
  • Avail the advantages of cloud based testing
  • Findings will be well documented
  • Apps will be tested in different screen size
  • Performance testing
  • Never go for full automation when it comes to testing
  • Rely on real users to test your app
  • Include emulator and simulators in correct proportion
  • Take the human factor into consideration

Planning: Figuring out what to achieve will be done in this phase

Type of testing: Based on the nature, specifics and requirements, which type of testing required, will be confirmed

Test case and script design: Test case document for each functionality will be designed in this section.

Manual or Automated: Sometimes manual or automatic or the combination of both is required for testing an app so which type on what time and where will be determined in this phase

Usability testing: Ease of use from a user perspective will be tested in this phase. Test such as, compatibility, user interface external factors testing, accessibility testing etc. will be carried out in this phase.

Performance testing: performance of the app in various adverse conditions will be tested in this section

Security and compliance testing: data privacy, vulnerability, regulatory compliance etc. will be tested in this section

We can perform tests on all the android and iOS devices out there

For us IP is of great importance. Your app will be handled by professionals and people who are exclusively designated to your project. All the data regarding your app will be stored with utmost security.

  • How many testers will be decided at the early stage of testing
  • Testers we chose will be trustworthy
  • Develop a beta tester persona
  • Well-defined time frame
  • Pick testers from the best
  • Choosing the best app distribution platform
  • We will only go for suggestions that makes sense
  • Keep a healthy connection with the beta testers